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You’re getting your hair done...
Answers: 8 Views: 1163 Rating: 4 Posted: 10 months ago

I've had the same hairstyle since the 60's. Very long, parted in the middle, and never colour it. Plain Jane.

Rating: 3 Posted: 10 months ago
I was circling the parking lot for 15 minutes, wanting to park and go to the gym. I finally found a woman who was pulling out....
Answers: 6 Views: 439 Rating: 5 Posted: 11 months ago

Move on and find another space to park. Unfortuneatly, rudeness is all to common these days.

Rating: 4 Posted: 11 months ago
What challenges your patience ?
Answers: 9 Views: 551 Rating: 6 Posted: 11 months ago

My children.

Rating: 7 Posted: 11 months ago
If you drink coffee at night do you get sleepy, or wake up more?
Answers: 8 Views: 463 Rating: 5 Posted: 1 year ago

I can drink coffee right before going to bed. Somehow it doesn't bother me.

Rating: 4 Posted: 1 year ago
How would you describe your sense of humor?
Answers: 17 Views: 4155 Rating: 12 Posted: 4 years ago

Normal with a twist of wicked.

Rating: 6 Posted: 1 year ago
Someone may as well say it: Roseanne Barr.... Thoughts?
Answers: 8 Views: 532 Rating: 8 Posted: 1 year ago

ABC thru the trash out. Good.

Rating: 4 Posted: 1 year ago
Do you plan to retire early or later in your life?
Answers: 5 Views: 559 Rating: 7 Posted: 1 year ago

I went back to work four months after my husband passed. I just couldn't stay home and not work. I work in the cafeteria at a local school system. I am having a lot of fun. I'm 65 and plan on working as long as I can.

Rating: 7 Posted: 1 year ago
What was the best movie that you saw that was released in 2017?
Answers: 4 Views: 1292 Rating: 4 Posted: 1 year ago

Not sure of the release date, but I just saw the movie, "The Shape of Water". I liked it.

Rating: 2 Posted: 1 year ago
What were your last plans to fall through?
Answers: 6 Views: 590 Rating: 5 Posted: 1 year ago

I was supposed to go to my friends house to watch the Super Bowl. Another friend called earlier that day and said her husband was in hospice. I knew what she was going to go thru so I went to the hospital and then to her home and spent time with her and made sure she ate some dinner. We've been friends for 40 years. That's what you do for friends. Somehow the Super Bowl didn't matter as much as before. He passed two days later. 

Rating: 2 Posted: 1 year ago
Have you ever fainted? Or almost?
Answers: 9 Views: 2117 Rating: 5 Posted: 1 year ago

When I was in line at a department store. It was very hot and the line was long. I almost passed out but didn't. My ears started ringing and I was very light headed. Found out weeks later that I was pregnant. Surprise!

Rating: 4 Posted: 1 year ago

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