Does anyone spend the entire day in the house? I mean not stepping outdoors even once?

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    thats called solitary confinement in jail clu..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    The only time I've ever stayed inside the house all day was the late 1990's when I was experiencing severe depression.  Heck, I didn't even want to get out of bed.


    Sorry to hear that. How did you overcome your depression?
    country bumpkin

    I suppose the old adage, "time heals all (most) wounds applied to my circumstance.

    I did yesterday. I just needed a me day.

    ....on occasion 

    Yeah. No reason to go out. With the heat there is no reason to go out and water. I buy smokes by the carton so a store visit isn’t necessary. My charge refuses to go outside. I’m ok being inside inside. Plenty to keep me busy. Does going out to spend time in the SheShed count?


    Yes it counts! If your sheshed in not in the house!

    Yes, mainly because I like to paint, read or do research on the computer. I can do all of those activities in the comfort of my home. It's "me time" and I like it. It even makes a winter storm seem ok.

    When I do go out, I usually run around most of the day and get everything done at once, including talking to a lot of people.     :)

    only on the odd time i have been knocked low due to health Clue..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<...

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