OK, now where is the TU, YIPPY, WOOT, BOO-YAH for ed shank's 200K(arma points)???

    I know it's out there. 

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    You hit every note perfectly again too :)

    No she didn,t!!!
    It,s that middle C again!
    Keep practising.

    I'm afraid Romos is losing his hearing- sigh. I love folk songs! Thanks Fishy!!!
    ed shank

    Love it fishy, thankx.

    "HEY . Fishlet Know the Fishy song "I AM YOURS"
    my treat you eat.

    Well done ed, always like your input.

    KOTF salute, from Bonny SCOTLAND.


    Romos- God Speed! I hope everything goes Perfectly!!! Please let us know when you are home!!!!! I'll send funny thoughts to make you laugh! And Prayers too! ((Hugs))- DOO
    ed shank

    Your scaring me Romos with that input remark. Thankx.

    I believe this would be it. 

    Congratulations Ed!  

    "" 200,000 KARMA! 

    ed shank

    I tip my hat to you madam, Thank you.

    Good on you Ed, congratulations.

    ed shank

    Thank you kind lady.

    BooYA Ed.. nice work..

    ed shank

    I thank you sir.

    Good Going ed shank  Keep collecting!

    ed shank

    Gotta keep on keepin on. Thankx.

    Way, way cool @ed shank, has been quite a journey and you've earned every point......!   jhh

    ed shank

    Pssst, I bought half of them. Don't tell anyone. Thankx.

    Wow, impressive. Congratulation. Keep up the good work.

    ed shank

    Don't know about good work, but I will keep it up. Thankx.

    YIPPY, WOOT, BOO-YAH, KUDOS!!! Mr. Ed""!


    Good impressions!
    ed shank

    I am deeply touched, thanx.

    Happy 200k(arma) pts. what an achievement!!!

    ed shank

    I am flattered. Thank you.

    Thanks for the contributations Ed.

    ed shank

    Thank you, your one of the big contributors here. I do appreciate your kind words though.

    TU,YIPPY,WOOT,BOO YAH, and then some.....Keep on keepin' on, Ed.......congrats on the 200K big ones....YAY!!!

    ed shank

    Das me, easin down the aka road. Thanx dude.

    Woo Hoo Ed congratulations!

    ed shank

    You guys are the best (especially the women). Thank you.

    Awe edshank you're to kind. What a sweet man you are.

    This is a great achievement Ed!


    ed shank

    My two index fingers are killing me. Thankx.

    ED-A Salute to you and MUCH CHEERING!!!  Thanks for being with us on aka! -Doo

    ed shank

    It's been a pleasure interfacing with people like you. Thanx.

    Congratulations Ed, I've been chasing you for some time

    ed shank

    I was wondering who that was. Thanx Randy.

    Let face it Ed -Shank did again BOO YA well done 200k only 200000000000 more to go!!!!!!!! Congratulation!!!!!!!! Cheer my friend!!

    ed shank

    Facebook, your addicted too, let's check out rehab. Thank you.

    COOL BEANS, ed shank. You are one of my favorite grumpy old men! 

    ed shank

    How weird is that, I posted almost the same thing on your birthday reminder earlier today. Spooky. Thank you.

    Hey ed shank!  That's a lotta' good typin'....glad you're here...Congratulations on 200K!!!

    Your shots were straight.  You hit the ball squarely on the club face.  The ball landed accurately on the 200K green and yes, you did not shank.  You even look surprised.  Congratulations, Ed Shank!  Good job.


    Great ED. 200K How time goes by.getting a little older now more grey hairs talking to yourself while on your PC.We all go that way.Look at Colleen speaking ( good Country to see Girl )

    Congrats, Ed Shank!!! :) Good going!

    Hah-ya-cha-cha-cha-cha rreeba rreeba underlay underlay!!! Congrats on the 200 Geez Ed Shank!!!


    Congratulations Ed Shank!

    I knew you could do it, once

    you got up momentum!

     Ed, please don't shank me for  for being late with the congratulations. 



    Well done ED, wow 200Ks. 



    you don't say.....


    overcome with emotion perhaps??

    Feeling bad about "blanking out"?

    all of the above...

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