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    ....around a half tank

    I never let it get below a quarter empty..and i only use E10 Fuel,which at the moment is $1.27 a is not a good idea to let the tank get too low,,as the pickup may start to suck rubbish floating on top of the fuel.and so clogging your fuel filter..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Related image

    When I get to 4 gallons I put in 20 dollars worth which will last about i and1/2 weeks!



    My car might freak out if I filled the tank! Never have since I have had it!

    Never below a 1/4 tank.

    terryfossil 1

    Smart girl Witchy..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Thanks terry fossil 1, but I learned the hard way when I had not much gas in the tank and it froze.

    When I drove, I let the tank fall near empty before refilling it to capacity, except when gas prices were running as much as four dollars per gallon. Back then, I could afford to only fill the tank halfway full.


    Did you ever run out of gas?
    country bumpkin

    HA! I remember one particular day when I was running errands around town when I noticed the tank was on empty.
    There was a specific convenience store I was heading towards to buy the cheaper gas. The store was right around the corner from a major (tri-point) intersection which I seemed to always catch when the lights were green, but on this particular day, it turned red moments before I came up to the intersection.

    While I was waiting for the light to turn green, my car began sputtering. As soon as the light turned green, I accelerated, but the car died. Thankfully, the car coasted into the convenience store parking lot gas pumps.

    My next-door neighbour just happened to see my car creeping slowly towards the store and she knew something was wrong. She stopped to check on me and to make sure everything was okay.

    I fill up at half a tank. Unless I’m too poor, then I drive until a quarter full and then beg for help. I’ve never seen the needle dip below the half mark by accident....

    Hah! At one time in my life, it really was a "treat" to be able to buy a full tank of gas. I used to buy 1/4 tank of gas at a time. Now, I usually fill up when it's just below 1/2.

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