Do you leave your grocery cart in the middle of the parking lot or.....


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    I certainly don't.

    It erks me when I see people leaving their carts in the parking lot especially when there's a cart corral only a couple of parking spaces away.


    If a person has enough time and energy to drive to the store, walk down several isles to collect groceries, wait in the line to pay for them, walk back thru the carpark and then unload their groceries into their car, then they can dang sure return a basket to its designated place.   

    No way, a person just all of a sudden ran out of energy or time or whatever lame excuse he/she tries to come up with.

    (This excludes (IMO) the disabled, elderly, and people with babies or small children who may have already placed them inside the car and don't want to leave their children alone to return a cart to the corral.


    To anyone without a valid excuse for leaving their cart in the parking lot.....may your car be hit with rogue baskets a thousand times over. LOL


    I thought you were pretty serious until that last paragraph. Hahaha! A cart was touching against my car yesterday, when I came out of the store. Grrrrrr…..

    Reminds me of the "All in The Family" classic. They can get away from you. With cling peaches, the danger is multiplied!

    .... I return it, so it won't be in the way or bump into a car


    Or....hit it with your own car on the way out of the parking lot! Hah!

    Unless you have a watertight excuse,put it back where it is supposed to go..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I always return the cart! I think Aldi's has a good idea as they make you pay a quarter to use a cart and when you return and park it, you get your quarter back!



    Our grocery stores tried that system about 20 years ago but had to discontinue it, due to so many complaints. We have Walmart shopping carts scattered all over the city too. Walmart has to pay someone to go around with a truck and trailer to gather them up. Humans are a strange bunch sometimes.
    terryfossil 1

    In Aldi's in Aussie you buy a $2 doller token that clips on you car key ring that you use forever..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think it can work! But people are so very lazy until they get their car damaged!

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