HI.Guys Question what do you think of our "MOD" Colleen

    Now what I think is She is doing a hard Job keeping us all in line . doing great being abused ,but tough as nails .Like me !! only kidding I am a big softie.May the QUEEN rule.bless her ( thinks a few Karma points here.

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    dowsa good question x

    She’s ok by me. (Thought I just answered this)

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    Colleen does an extremely thankless job exceptionally well, I think what we see is only the tip of the iceberg, long may she continue, the site would be a shambles without the moderators,not just. Colleen...KOTF.

    I think we are all very lucky to have a Mod like Colleen as well as our other two mods, Pythonlover and Yvonne. 

    Colleen works on this site tirelessly and with very little thanks.  She also takes a beating at times.  It can't be an easy job and so we should all be very grateful.  Without Colleen this site would be mahem... we all remember the BANDB4 boys... that was one horrible week.

    I would also like to say that the Mods are representing the administration and owner(s) of this site and should be treated with respect.


    Remember our lovely eggy as well...KOTF.

    I didn't know that our Lovely Eggplant was a Mod... I miss her... where is our Eggie?

    Eggy is not a mod. I miss her too. She needs to get a new modem I think.

    As i have said before, Colleen deserves more recognition and credit.The developers and the administrators of this site are very lucky to have her on board,and so are we.


    spot on my friend

    You deserve your share too O snaky one...KOTF

    you do good job too!

    I don't think she likes me anymore.:(  She edited one of my answers & I felt like I was being stood in the corner.  Of course I'm just kidding. I guess she has to think  for us sometimes. I respect & admire her for her consistency & her willingness to do the thankless job that she does for us. Can you imagine the amount of rubbish & filth that we would have to endure if it didn't get stuck in the "Colleen Filter"?


    Tommy, I still luv you. I did have to edit it and I know you understand why ;)

    I love it when she edits me. I wish she would do it more often. I enjoy our close conversations of <edited by moderator>

    Consider yourself edited, lol

    I love Colleen as well as the other mods...I've learned a lot from them all.............

    No comment or should i say no comments get by "colleen"...none the less i do love and respect her..


    Thanks daren 1 I do as well.

    I think she does an excellent job! as do pythonlover and yvonne.I think Colleen spends many hours here.  I would not like it if she was to chew me out! I'll be good!

    (((HUGS))) <3 <3 <3<3 <3 xoxoxo


    You,re just a big softie at heart.

    Colleen does a fantastic job.....long may she reign!



    Thanks DEN.

    Think there are alot of people here that are smarter than you realize, in different ways, I respect everyone here.

     Well Done Well what a good question I read all the answers and yes they seem spot on... I really think the owners of this site are really fortunate to have her  I am looking at this, at the buiness side of it for my feelings as mere reg member she has done so much for me others More than you know as she is that kinda person who does get embaresed when you praise her she trust worthy and honest and in my book thats all you need but she does more above and beyonde well done Collen we all respect and and love you  



    Awww, shucks. Thanks Mel ;)

    Colleen your very welcome xxx

    She does a fantastic job along with the other moderators. We are very lucky to have her.

    What can i add after reading all these praises, which i agree with each and everyone - BLESS YOU COLLEEN.

    Colleen is an awesome person doing an awesome job.......

    You gotta love Colleen shes tough when she has to be  shows compassion when its needed and yet still goes through almost every question and tries to find an answer.... 

    The best thing since sliced moderators.


    Her contribution to this site will only truly be recognised and appreciated when she is no longer with us. 






    That remark is ambiguous...

    Hi eggplant. You are right but it was the first thought I had on reading the question. That is how it is sometimes. You only realise their worth when they are not there and then its too late to say those two little words 'Thank you'.

    Colleen knows what I think of her and as for the rest of you my relationship with Colleen is between Colleen and me.


    Careful, they'll start talking, lol

    They do anyway. xxx

    Go on Peoplelove .Tell me I swear I wont tell a soul.PSS. "Hey guys do you want to know a secret"

    Hey, hey, hey, you said almost the identical words to me when you came back from your vacation! What's up with that? :(

    Well here I go ! If Colleen votes up my answer I am so impressed! Even a comment is valued! Maybe I just like attention! LOL


    clu you do. just kidding, and making poetry.

     God bless her


    During her job she made a much greater number of friends than enemies because she is doing a much better than average jobs; she is the most active and writes answers and comments that sometimes remind me of the Supreme Court Judges opinions however biased occasionaly just as those of some of the SCJs...

    As opposed to the Suprem Courts Judges opinions and decisions that may have some impact - good or bad - over some USA citizens lives and deaths, Colleens" answers, comments, decisions are harmless.

    Altho she calls me a kool aid drinker all the time, she does a thankless job and does it well, keep it up soul flyer.......


    Traveler, not flyer. ;)

    She does her job with grace and a big dose of humor! Give that girl a raise!!!


    If I know the admin, they'll send me a step ladder ;)

    Colleen, take the ladder girl they are expensive to purchase!!!

    Excellent job   Excellent

    She's a great asset to  this site ,always fair, honest,staright  to the point, and has a great sense of humour. All in all a pretty cool gal.  

    Colleen and our other mods do a great job!!!

    Colleen does an excellent,  even when she disagrees with you.  Colleen i hope you and the other moderators are getting paid.


    All the kind and supportive answers here are our pay. ; )

    Even though we do not see eye to eye, because I drink to much kool Aid, I still admire her for a job well done and keeping everyone in line, AND MAY GOD BLESS HER HEARTH.

    Its not a job, its an adventure .

    I think Colleen puts in many many hours and gives good answers and helps to keep the attackers and degraders off the forum as they should be.  I myself think she does an excellent thankless unpaid job wonderfully well.

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