Have you ever hitchhiked? Were you fearful, even a little bit, but got in", anyway?

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    My mother hitched a ride with a stranger when I was around 6 years old.  I didn't have a choice and I know she was afraid.  

    Never, but I used to pick up hitchhikers once in a while. That was when I was young and naïve....didn't realize how many weird people were wandering around the country side.     (:    

    ....while in college,hitched a ride across campus

    ....never hitched on a trip, too leery 


    Was it with one of your professors, who wound up giving you an "A"?


    I was about 17 or 18 years old when i set off from Queensland to hitch around Australia,,i got as far as South Australia in about 5 years,,then came home...not something i would do in this day and age,,in that day and age it was hairy enough,,one upsetting moment,it was freezing one night and late,so i got off the road and into the scrub and lit a campfire and snuggled up in a blanket close to the fire,,you guessed it the blanket caught fire when i rolled to close,,did not sleep much after that..thin layer of ice on my port in the morning..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Related image




    When I was 16, I and my two best friends use to hitchhike all the time in San Francisco in the Bayview area near hunters point project. I lived in hunters point as a kid, 11 to 17 years of age, even by myself I walked down to Third Street and hitchhiked anywhere I wanted to go. What cured me was one night we hitch hicked to a party my friend's sister was giving, with three servicemen in uniform. They decided to take us to a party at a military base instead. Everybody danced and had big fun, There was a band. I think it was Treasure Island. We told the guys we had to be back home by 12 midnight. They said oh no, it's too early. We managed to get them to take us back to San Francisco.  That was it for me and hitchhiking.

    terryfossil 1

    You were lucky Tab..could have been worse..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    All the time in the 70's. Wouldn't recommend it these days.

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