If you watched the debate between Trump and Biden, etmmm

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    I sure did watch it....every minute of it. It was quite a struggle to hear what one of the candidates was saying due to the rudeness of the other. I hope that Americans are watching and listening to their President's speeches and comments (the actual words coming from his mouth) and will vote accordingly!

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    Now Trump and his wife have tested positive to Covid 19..very interesting times ahead,,the imagination and rumours could go anywhere..All the best to you Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yep, I watched. And argued and debated in my own way. There are two dems in the house, one pro trump (that I gave birth to) and two more on the fence. 

    Americas greatest embarrasment,,if that is the best they can find to run the country,,America is in a boatload of trouble..Not one sensible word was issued from either mouth,,So i think it is back to the drawing board..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    One mouth issued some very sensible words. You just couldn't hear him for the "noise"!
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    Welcome to the site Mate..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    ....debate, ha ! was an out-of-control kindergarten "wee-wee contest"



    Moderator was not firm enough right from the first infraction!

    There's a simple solution. It's a moderator with a Mute button.

    terryfossil 1

    Do you really think a mute button would stop them from talking Digger..???? I reckon they would just carry on as if there was no mute button..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It doesn't matter. As long as the TV audience can't hear what the loudmouth is saying, he can talk to himself all he wants. Keep the two as far apart as possible to minimize the distraction caused to the other candidate and show the two on split screen only when no candidate interrupts..

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