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Do you ever talk to ananimate objects; example -- - like when you're trying to put a bunch of different siized papers into a bag for recyling, you say, " Get in there !! ''
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Sure do MCM ... I talk to my body parts too like this ... " Come on FEET ... MOVE!!"  ;D

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What are some funny and crazy things about Thomas Jefferson?
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Funny weird funny or just plain 'crazy'?

I found that he had 'owned' 607 'slaves' in his lifetime despite claiming to be 'against' slavery.

Now that is kind of crazy innit?

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How do i know i am pregnant
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I realized I was pregnant with my second child when my then 3 year old walked up to me, placed her hand upon my belly and proclaimed, " Mommy you have my baby sister right here in your belly!"

I kid you not.

Next stop ... drug store for a prego-test and yeh ... the rest is history!

How does a 3 year old know such things? I am still amazed by that interaction.

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R.I.P. Former President George H.W. Bush, 1924-2018. What do you remember most about him?
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His wife ! Barbara !

Image result for barbara bush

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Do you know the population of your county, city ,town, village etc. and the estimated percentage thereof living without a roof over their heads?
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Here in Victoria BC , In a region of just under 350,000 people, at last count in 2016  counted 1,387 homeless people which is an under-count [it's actually closer to 1,700-1,800]  due to those who live in cars, on other people's couches and those who don't wish to be counted or 'found'. The number represents 0.4 per cent of the population.

Many many of these people were 'pushed' out of Vancouver city a few years ago. Sadly many of these are addicts, mentally ill, extremely damaged socially, physically and spiritually.  Horribly a high percentage are aboriginal people [33.6 %]. Another whopping  17.5 per cent of the region’s homeless population are youth and children 18 and under. 

Victoria is at a lack of affordable housing. It took me over a year to secure a rental here and even at that it is a very small one bdrm basement suite in an old drug-lab apartment building that was reno-ed instead of bull-dozed ... a grand a month plus utilities and parking. Our first week here I cleaned over a hundred dirty hypodermic needles from the back of our lot and I was furious! I have never seen this kind of disregard for the environment in a city neighbourhood before. Then again I have been a country gal for several decades and indeed had found and cleaned many household trash sites in the woods but this ... this was just plain ignorance ! Well I found out later that I was supposed to call the Hazmat team to clean that kind of mess! City life.

Victoria has many free food places, many soup kitchens and free clothing stops, as well as pretty much a variety of places that will provide free household stuff like wares and furnishings but again the trouble is there are no affordable rentals, many rents are unreachable! Full time work is rare, mostly part time so two plus jobs is needed for any single person ! OH What a world !

This is the kind of disgusting mess humans make when they gang up as 'homeless' ... after this was removed about 4000 rats moved into the surrounding 'hoods' making this a very expensive cleanup ... more than 1.2 million... unreal.

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432 Park Avenue, NYC os the tallest apartment house in the W. Hemisphere. It's 1,396' high. How high is "too high" for you to live??
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Nope! Ground floor walk-in please! That way we have half a chance of swimming for it when the big one ... meeeps!!!

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What is your favorite piece of jewelry to wear?
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Well I am not into jewellery as strange as that may seem. After losing a beautiful bracelet gifted me by a sister I lost all attachments to such things due to how miserable I felt after the loss. I do possess a trinket in the form of a keychain that I am rather fond of however and it is similar to this ... guy .... lol

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What is the latest news you heard that shocked, or at least surprised you?
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Everything about the 'news' totally freaks my freak ... so does the 'culture shock' of living in this city. It is so completely bizarre to me after living on a mountain by the sea or on a wild creek or down at Wall Beach where Stellar Sea Lions would sometimes go gallumphing down our front street having made it there through the neighbours yard..... wow, culture-shock extraordinaire !!!

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Happy Easter to all on akaQA!
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Image result for happy bunny day

Image result for happy bunny day

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It's happened again, 17 students and teachers shot and killed at a florida high school, it\s sickening, when are your politicians going to stop this, how many kids and adults have to die before something positive is done?
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I don't know if the internet, social media, lack of human interactions, lack of [fill in blank], lousy parenting, lousy education, stupid gun laws, or just humans in general are at the crux of these mass insane-style shootings ... but I will not consider this shyte the 'norm' ... like ever.

It's one thing to 'have' to protect yourself from say an intruder or attacker with a gun but this twisted 'style' of mass murder is an example of the banality of evil that lies within our human condition..... I don't 'get it' ....

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