What is your favorite piece of jewelry to wear?

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    ....ring my wife gave me for life

    Huummm dog tags,, that's bout the only thing I own, and that was given to me by my uncle. Even had a purdy red one for penicillin. I don't even have a wedding ring we couldn't afford one when we got married.


    JDB, Goes to show, we treasure what we treasure! It's all beautiful!


    I have several pieces of jewellery that are my favourites to wear, but I can't wear all of them at once.

    Wedding band from Roy, diamond ear studs from my son, gold chain from Roy, diamond necklace with a gold chain from my mom, and a wooden cross necklace that was given to me by my first ex-husband not long before he died.


    I have a lot of jewelry I really love. Pretty things that suit me. But I fail to wear hardly ay of it. Earrings I’ll wear until they “turn”, my diamonds are hard to put in, my bracelets do get worn. Rings? Appreciated but not comfortable.....

    I have a 3 band gold and black Amber ring,and my wedding ring which was to thin to fix,which was welded onto the outside of another ring,which i can now wear..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Pretty close to mine except for the words..Image result for male Amber rings photos


    looks good Terry,and nice woarding,,,
    terryfossil 1

    Thanks Hec,I bought the ring in Heidelberg Germany while on holiday,the words were not on my ring,,nice words though..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    my peal earings,,,,,then my diamoneak neaklace      ,,

    Well I am not into jewellery as strange as that may seem. After losing a beautiful bracelet gifted me by a sister I lost all attachments to such things due to how miserable I felt after the loss. I do possess a trinket in the form of a keychain that I am rather fond of however and it is similar to this ... guy .... lol

    Image result for bigfoot keychain

    country bumpkin

    Of course. :))

    My wedding ring. Symbolic of my relationship. First, there was the engagement ring. Then the wedding ring. Throughout the entire  time, the  " suffe-ring".

    Always have earrings on and some rings if they fit right that day!


    I wear earrings all the time but not much other jewellery. Arthritic fingers don't allow rings anymore and I'm a little concerned about losing a necklace.

    Yes, I love to wear jewelry which is matched with my dress. Actually, I think that jewelry will complete your fashion. I love to wear stainless steel jewelry from (Advertising removed by Moderator Ducky). In every party or function, I love to wear matching jewelry with my fashionable dress. I think most of the girls love to wear jewelry.

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