What is your favorite piece of jewelry to wear?

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    ....ring my wife gave me for life


    I have several pieces of jewellery that are my favourites to wear, but I can't wear all of them at once.

    Wedding band from Roy, diamond ear studs from my son, gold chain from Roy, diamond necklace with a gold chain from my mom, and a wooden cross necklace that was given to me by my first ex-husband not long before he died.


    Huummm dog tags,, that's bout the only thing I own, and that was given to me by my uncle. Even had a purdy red one for penicillin. I don't even have a wedding ring we couldn't afford one when we got married.


    JDB, Goes to show, we treasure what we treasure! It's all beautiful!

    my peal earings,,,,,then my diamoneak neaklace      ,,

    I have a lot of jewelry I really love. Pretty things that suit me. But I fail to wear hardly ay of it. Earrings I’ll wear until they “turn”, my diamonds are hard to put in, my bracelets do get worn. Rings? Appreciated but not comfortable.....

    My wedding ring. Symbolic of my relationship. First, there was the engagement ring. Then the wedding ring. Throughout the entire  time, the  " suffe-ring".

    I have a 3 band gold and black Amber ring,and my wedding ring which was to thin to fix,which was welded onto the outside of another ring,which i can now wear..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Pretty close to mine except for the words..Image result for male Amber rings photos


    looks good Terry,and nice woarding,,,
    terryfossil 1

    Thanks Hec,I bought the ring in Heidelberg Germany while on holiday,the words were not on my ring,,nice words though..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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