if you were to find me in your bedroom would you scream or come a bit closer?

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    If you were female, I would certainly come closer... to see what you had besides an axe.

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    "" See that shadow, that's what's waiting for you in my bedroom. I keep it beside the bed.


    That could do serious harm Eggy,

    ...only the shadow knows... ;D

    thought it might have been a "Frying pan !! You know pan goes with "EGGS"

    My eighty year old grandmother almost used it on a thief. She awoke to find the window open and a leg through it. She jumped up grabbed the axe and said, "If you put the other leg in, you'll lose both of them." Of course he pulled the leg out and ran away. She closed and locked the window and went back to sleep.

    So you wanna play do ya?



    Who's going to be doing the screaming???
    Deleted User

    LOL .. A big cat <edited by moderator> with nice teeth :)
    I doubt there would be anyone in your room, they have either been eaten or they run like the wind lol

    You ave nice teath lindilou,

    Beautiful cat! Pretty teeth too!

    The "original" picture in my answer was removed. What's funny this picture was part of one of the few answers to one of my Qs and is still there....

    Well, don't tell me where the other ones are or I'll have to remove them too ;) The picture is deemed offensive. Sorry.

    Shamoni!!! How are you! Handsome picture! Now be a nice kitty and don't let anyone in the bedroom while lindilou sleeps. ankels and calves and dragging are permitted!

    Depends weather you had any  Trousers or Knicers on,Anyway what are you doing in my bedroom,looking at my Radiator,??


    Searching for "FLEAS"

    If the dogs did not get you the wife would

    Depends, are you leaving me a nice hot chocolate? if not I'd probably scream

    Just hope its me that finds you before my dog does!!


    Same here!

    I'd probably bash your head in with my baseball bat, then ask questions.........

    I would shoot you dead.


    Wow, Ann, I've never seen you write anything like this!

    Bob, I know, I am surprised at my answer too. I need to take a break.

    Don't worry Ann. It's just the Hew Hampshire in you. Remember NH's motto:
    "Don't tread on me!"

    ""Glad you sent your picture...  I'd grab a phone and call some crane services...



    Wow that is some girl you have vaIR


    What lovely form...a face only a mother could love!! ;)

    Despite lack of feathers, nice bird.

    Idiopathic, at best.   
    You forgot the obvious answer: Defend myself (I like the gun , hatchet  and baseball bat answers).
    So, don't even think about it.  

    You would see this......


    then hear a loud bang........


    Those gorgeous white teeth will be bllod red-your blood.

    Well I certainly hope no one sneaks into my room! Don't plan on leaving in one piece! Also 2 hog farms near by> how did this question get so nuts? I missed the fiasco!  Where do these things come from?


    yes the wild boars love fresh meat

    I've heard this is a good way of disposing of bodies. Haven't had to try it YET!

    Twist my arm, please:


    You will be shot.

    I would report you for trespassing.

    Are you THAT ugly ?


    HaHaHa. Excellent answer!

    Well, lets see.  I think I need to call a friend...please hold


    This is officer GT Grip badge # 35531
    It is illegal to tresspass,
    It is illegal to break and enter
    It is illegal to stalk humans,
    after Doolittle and the animals separated you into parts- with the gator, crock and hyenas eating special areas of your would be under arrest for the above three counts plus attempting to harm endangered species (even if in self defense)
    Travel on now- BUT BIG BROTHER WILL BE WATCHING YOU!!!!!!!

    See, I don't have to answer... officer GT Grip is my next door neighbour... never one single need to worry.

    Thanks cousin Grip...glad to see that you're back on the job after your vacation. Have a good shift!

    Fishlet, Ducky always my pleasure- G.T.

    It depends on whether you were dead or alive.

    i grab the first large pan or axe or knife and use it  if my dog did not get y running


    Isn't this the most helpful "help" site you've come across? :D

    If you were my kind of girl,


    I wish I could make scary pictures. I love your scary pictures, boys and girls. 

    I have a trap door beside my bed, and button at hand, say no more, aprt from Byee

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