R.I.P. Former President George H.W. Bush, 1924-2018. What do you remember most about him?

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    I remember that he did a great impression of Dana Carvey!

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    What I remember most about former President George H W Bush is when he teamed up with former President Bill Clinton to help with the Hurricane Katrina relief fund.   I was only 21 when he was elected POTUS and he was a one-term president so not much memory to recall. :)

    He did seem like a very kind man.  Rest In Peace, sir.

    ....his wife, Barbara


    ....and obviously: "read my lips"


    I Ioved his wife. She seemed so grandmotherly . She was a lovely woman. She happily waved to us one time when his motorcade went past us.

    I guess he was ok. He flew many missions over German in W W I I and bombed them. But it was a bit much during his campaign when he said, '' Read my lips......No new taxes '' Then he raised taxes anyway .

    He was the very first president that I voted for. I knew nothing about politics and parties back then. I just voted for him because he seemed to me to be a very good my, nice man.....

    His wife ! Barbara !

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