Do you know the population of your county, city ,town, village etc. and the estimated percentage thereof living without a roof over their heads?

    I would appreciate it if you would comment on the assistance and help the local authorities give to those less fortunate than ourselves.

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    In the USA, New York City can boast as having the most millionaires (339,200), this is in stark contrast to the number of homeless people. In October 2018 there were 63,559 homeless people, including 15,572 homeless families with 23,136 homeless children, sleeping each night in the New York City municipal shelter system. Families make up three-quarters of the homeless shelter population.
    Each night thousands of unsheltered homeless people sleep on New York City streets, in the subway system, and in other public spaces. There is no accurate measurement of New York City’s unsheltered homeless population, and recent City surveys significantly underestimate the number of unsheltered homeless New Yorkers.
    It is disturbing to note that the large majority of street homeless New Yorkers are people living with mental illness or other severe health problems.
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    ....churches are active in providing services 

    ....local media keeps the community aware

    Here in Victoria BC , In a region of just under 350,000 people, at last count in 2016  counted 1,387 homeless people which is an under-count [it's actually closer to 1,700-1,800]  due to those who live in cars, on other people's couches and those who don't wish to be counted or 'found'. The number represents 0.4 per cent of the population.

    Many many of these people were 'pushed' out of Vancouver city a few years ago. Sadly many of these are addicts, mentally ill, extremely damaged socially, physically and spiritually.  Horribly a high percentage are aboriginal people [33.6 %]. Another whopping  17.5 per cent of the region’s homeless population are youth and children 18 and under. 

    Victoria is at a lack of affordable housing. It took me over a year to secure a rental here and even at that it is a very small one bdrm basement suite in an old drug-lab apartment building that was reno-ed instead of bull-dozed ... a grand a month plus utilities and parking. Our first week here I cleaned over a hundred dirty hypodermic needles from the back of our lot and I was furious! I have never seen this kind of disregard for the environment in a city neighbourhood before. Then again I have been a country gal for several decades and indeed had found and cleaned many household trash sites in the woods but this ... this was just plain ignorance ! Well I found out later that I was supposed to call the Hazmat team to clean that kind of mess! City life.

    Victoria has many free food places, many soup kitchens and free clothing stops, as well as pretty much a variety of places that will provide free household stuff like wares and furnishings but again the trouble is there are no affordable rentals, many rents are unreachable! Full time work is rare, mostly part time so two plus jobs is needed for any single person ! OH What a world !

    This is the kind of disgusting mess humans make when they gang up as 'homeless' ... after this was removed about 4000 rats moved into the surrounding 'hoods' making this a very expensive cleanup ... more than 1.2 million... unreal.

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    I live in a place called maroochydore Queensland on the sunshine coast,,we have a population of 16,800 and we have 105 homeless people,,i do not think we have a major problem with it,,some people do not wish to live like others and work and pay rent,and they may have a drinking or drug problem,,getting a job is not that hard,however the cost of renting is fairly high..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    There are a lot of homeless people in the Detroit area, but they're not allowed to stay in the shelters  indefinitely . Some don't want to stay  b/c they're not allowed to drink, or b/c they don't want to get their stuff stolen



    Now you know.

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