Do you ever talk to ananimate objects; example -- - like when you're trying to put a bunch of different siized papers into a bag for recyling, you say, " Get in there !! ''

    do you ever talk to other similar inanimate objects ?

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    On more than one occasion I've whispered to our new-ish refrigerator how lovely she looks in our kitchen.  Good grief, I admit that I hug the fridge too.  (I've always wanted a red refrigerator so I'm so excited that we finally have one)  LOL


    You hug your refrigerator???????? Now I know for sure that my poor friend has lost it. I can only hope that this 'condition' will subside! lol
    country bumpkin

    It beats hugging the commode. LOL


    I suppose you might be throwing up while hugging either, although less likely at the refrigerator. :)

    I can understand that cb. What a nice tidy fridge you have, and look at those work tops. At least you can kiss them and know they have no germs.


    ....sure, doesn't everyone 

    ....sometimes it is not very nice

    Yes I do. Usually with words I cannot use here. 

    Sure do MCM ... I talk to my body parts too like this ... " Come on FEET ... MOVE!!"  ;D


    I talk to my cat, but she's not inanimate. She's very animated. :-)

    lindilou…..How are things, fellow Canadian?

    Oy yoy yoy city living is chaos Duckster!
    Traffic everywhere and people everywhere !
    I guess I am 'culture-shocked'!
    My little chick has busted 4 of the screws in her spinal hardware , all in the lower lumbar region soooo ... gonna have to have that fixed ... so for her another round of surgery tho not as severe as that first one [what going on 6 years ago!?} and I will be the nurse. She just had another surgery to correct a locked elbow [poor kid] and it worked great [yay kid] so here we go again !!
    The cats are now 16 years old and me well I just joined the six-decades-club baby ! WOOHOO!
    How's things in your neck of these woods my Duckiness? xox LL

    Too much cars? Too much people? Ick! I couldn't handle that on a daily basis either. Aww...your poor little lady. She must be a strong young woman to handle all that she's been Mom I'm guessing. Send her my very best wishes. My neck of the woods is freezing cold! Terrible winter this year! Minus 38*C the other night. Brrrrrrrr….. Did we miss your birthday again? Awwwwww. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear lindilou, Happy Birthday to you! (Sung to the tune of Happy Birthday.) Hi to your old cats too. :)))

    I'm glad I'm not the only one, I was beginning to think I had a problem.


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