Now, I can't believe this!


    Colorado woman put gas can, not child, in car seat

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    This one is a definite FAIL !!

    My greatest supporter!

    She should be cited for a brain-dead violation!!!

    Some women schould never have children. Thats a good example.

    She got a license before she could drive a car, but nothing stops her from being a parent?  
    On the equally absurd side, though, she did have all her "passengers" in seat know, as the article read, "Click it or ticket".   


    No one had a seat belt on! The child had just a lap belt, which is not legal!

    Oh, now i am scared...really!!


    A person's like this one  IQ number would take too many zeros after the point before one could see any digit like in .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002

    I suggest parents should take a SQ test before having children.

    Legend    S=stoobbiiidiiiiidyyyy

    unbelievable . 

    She shouldn't be driving not to mention buying a dangerous substance. I wonder if she was high? Poor kid, I wonder what he gets fed...........

    Notice how the childs face is blurred to prevent anyone identifying him? This is so he'll never know his mother is an idiot!

    I'm speechless!


    I'm with you on this one doolittle!

    Apart from the gas can being where the kid should be.Would you even consider putting a can of gas in the back seat with the kids? Bloody amazing!!

    Wow, very appalling!

    The child is born of the same gene pool-- Maybe its not so bad after all..  JUST KIDDING!!! sorta.. LOL

    I try to find what could the driver be thinking to do this. The way the gas can is strapped in I would say she was concerned that the gas could fall over while driving and spill gas. Of course with the gas can like that, if full of gas and open then the risk of a splash out and over  the driver would be serious if she were to jam the brakes on or have a wreck. The risk of being incinterated was of less concern than the risk of injuring her child in a driving incident. Maybe this was a suicide attempt giving her child a clear view of the event with the potential of her child escaping by not being strapped in. Such a quandary! Dangerous gas can and a child in the car. Hauling gas for the lawn mower and could not leave the child at home ….maybe no one to leave the child with while going for gas and no-where to put the gas can safely while traveling. Interesting problem. I have had a similar problem when getting gas. My car has no tie-down in the trunk. Anything in the trunk rolls around wildly if unsecured. So I often put my gas can on the floor in the back seat ares and screw the top down tightly. Not easy to do because the gas cans are so cheap that they often leak even with the top on tightly. Propane valves close tightly and seems less risky but in the trunk, rolling about in any turn or stop to crash into whatever is there or denting the car finders. such a problem.  


    When we have to transport gas in the car, we use old milk crates to put the can in. This keeps it still on the ride home. Gas station is last stop of course!

    Huh huh!  This is bad case of the absence of the brain.

    What an unbelievably stupid and dangerous thing to do, what was she thinking or does she indeed have enough to think with

    Mickey mouse says it all about her!""


    whovin ... Yes, indeed!

    You're welcome lindilou

    like this one lol

    Maybe she's not only stupid, but dislexic? Hope she's not a smoker as well...

    I would never do what she had set-up. I have traveled with lots of personal hazards...alone. Dynamite, fuses, blasting caps, gasoline, naphtha, Nitric acid in gallon jars, Sulphuric acid, and a few hundred pounds of tech-t( a plastic explosive) and 200 pounds of other bagged explosives...all that and more, more than once while mining for gold 40 years ago. Drive safe, avoid traffic, travel below the speed limit, no drugs or drinking, no smoking and pad everything. Never had a problem.      

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