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what is globe
Answers: 5 Views: 214 Rating: 4 Posted: 7 years ago

Down Under it's a lightbulb

Rating: 3 Posted: 3 days ago
mini skirt
Answers: 10 Views: 1443 Rating: 7 Posted: 4 years ago

I find young slim women much more attractive in hot pants.

Rating: 2 Posted: 13 days ago
"You're so ugly______________________!" Fill-in the blank.
Answers: 10 Views: 1027 Rating: 9 Posted: 1 year ago

.............but I like you.

Rating: 6 Posted: 14 days ago
Two lonely people_____________.
Answers: 10 Views: 1465 Rating: 10 Posted: 1 year ago

............playing hard to get. 

Rating: 7 Posted: 14 days ago
Does anyone have any idea how long our fabulous website (akaqa) will be here?
Answers: 6 Views: 399 Rating: 5 Posted: 24 days ago

I am not a magician, `now you see it, now you don’t´ nor can I work miracles, but what will be, will be, just as it always has been in life. You can look back and be thankful and grateful for the fun and pleasure this site has given us, and look ahead to a new beginning and opportunity. Time marches on, and on, and on.    

Rating: 9 Posted: 18 days ago
Here's a trivia question for Americans and internationals can play too........What are the 3 branches of the U.S. Government ?
Answers: 5 Views: 265 Rating: 4 Posted: 20 days ago

There is a fourth branch too, but I'm not at liberty to disclose it, it's Top Secret.

Rating: 7 Posted: 19 days ago
What's your best health advice or health tip to others?
Answers: 9 Views: 674 Rating: 6 Posted: 1 year ago

Consume garlic on a daily basis (in food or raw) and take everything with a pinch of salt.

Rating: 6 Posted: 20 days ago
What is your opinion about having armed security stationed in houses of worship?
Answers: 7 Views: 341 Rating: 4 Posted: 1 month ago

This raises a few questions that have to be addressed: How many armed personnel are required for each Service and Occasion/Event etc.? Approximately how many times per month will they be required? There will be legal and substantial insurance costs to consider. My question: Who foots the bill? I am opposed to armed guards being employed on a permanent basis. Life goes on, the risks of becoming involved in a shooting incident are minimal.


Rating: 4 Posted: 1 month ago
what is the best rock and roll band ever from the united states?
Answers: 8 Views: 433 Rating: 2 Posted: 7 years ago

Impossible to say, some of them have just rocked and rolled over and disappeared from the scene, some have disbanded and some have disintegrated and to pick the best is really a matter of opinion, that's my opinion.

Rating: 3 Posted: 1 month ago
you had a show on athletic drinks a while ago Do you still have the recipe for home made gatorade?
Answers: 2 Views: 328 Rating: 1 Posted: 5 years ago

Click on HERE and take your pick.

Rating: 1 Posted: 1 month ago

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