What's the biggest hardship that you've faced as a result of the coronavirus?

    I was going to the gym 5-7 days per week, and I can't now, because it's closed. I'm taking long walk which is great for burning calories ( lots of hills in my neighborhood) but I can't duplicate upper-body exercises at home, and abs also. It's driving me nuts, plus missing the camaraderie at the gym.

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    Worrying about how bad this thing is really going to get is a hardship on my brain.

    It ain't over yet.


    Besides the worry about the possibility of friends/family dying from this virus, I've had lots of my interests/past times cancelled....NHL hockey, local hockey, art classes, art gallery ceremony, exercise class, along with most stores that I shop.

    I go for a walk everyday and that certainly helps with the stress. I've never seen so many people out walking around which is good for all of us. I really don't like being confined but I will do my part.

    Social distancing needs to be taken very seriously as they know that that does help to slow the spread. I wish every one well. Stay calm. Stay apart. Stay healthy.

    ....miss going to church

    ....miss breakfast with old geezers

    ....still walk daily and keeping social distance 

    A tooth abscess. Painful and no quick trip to the all closed up dentist  office. Luckily, a phone call and text fixed me all up but dang, I should have requested pain killers as well....


    You can fix an abscess by phone/text? :)

    I had dental surgery a few weeks ago. I have stitches that have to be taken out. I was just informed that all dentists in NY were ordered closed, as they're NOT "essential businesses"; however, liquor stores ARE, and allowed to remain open. DUHHHHH?I can only guess there are people whose main caloric daily intake comes from alcohol. LOL! Hope the pain goes away.

    There is probably an emergency phone number for your dentist. Someone has to be handling serious cases.
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    Fair Dinkum Clonge,,everyone knows enough alcohol deletes pain,,get going mate,,<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..

    Well they have closed our beaches because idiot youngsters do not think they need social distancing,,they do not think they can die from covid 19, But they do not care who they might give it to..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..Coronavirus: Bondi Beach closed over 'unacceptable' crowds


    Young and invincible. Weren't we all kind of stupid at that age.
    terryfossil 1

    Cannot argue that point Quacker,but this is a hole lot more serious than a cold..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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