Ever hear a story on the radio?

    I'm shy by about ten years but I have ALEXA and she's playing DRAGNET right now. Radio is like reading a book, you hav to use your imagination....

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    ....yes, when I was a kid

    Yes ,Greenbottle was a great radio show in the 50's..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    "Yes What" was the show's title. 'Good morning boys'. I never missed it.LOL
    terryfossil 1

    Brings back memories Tom.maybe it is a sign we are getting older..:):):):)..

    yes, there are a few weekend shows that have story telling on Saturdays and Sundays, 88.5 FM, in the bay area of California. very good shows.

    I think I remember from my childhood a story that started with the sound of a creaking door? I think I also remember one called "Boston Blackie"?

    Of course my mother used to listen to "The Proctor and Gamble Hour". That was four soap operas, fifteen minutes each. She never missed it.

    country bumpkin

    How cool is that! Wow!

    No. The radio shows that were dramas or comedys came on before I was born. But, I heard about them from my parents. There are none of them on the radio here in the Detroit area.  :- ( a carnival tune.

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