im back, still in the hospital though. have pneumonia and just diagnosed with caner. i am devastated and need all your prayers. please pray for me.

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    Oh my gosh,so sorry to hear of this Carmaxable.I prey for your well being and strength to get you through this tough time.God Bless You.

     Carmaxable, I'm truely sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with this dreaded disease. So many people here recently have been experiencing loss of loved ones or illness, my heart goes out to each and everyone of you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, CB.

    I'm so sorry to hear this. My best wishes that the cancer can be beat. They've come a long way in cancer treatment. Please consider checking into alternative medicines rather than chemo.  I hope you get over the pneumonia soon, your body needs all it's strength. I'm sending healing energies your way. May God keep you and heal you. 

    I'm sorry to hear that you have received bad news such as this.  My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult struggle.

    Carmaxable,  do what you can and get some rest.  LIke Colleen says check into other ways besides chemo.     Get more than one opinion.      GOD BLESS YOU,   I will pray for him to strengthen you during this time in your life.   Remember there will be many praying for you !!!!

    Thinking of you Carmaxable.Get well soon.

               Sorry to hear the bad news Carmaxable. Here is something to cheer you up.""

    Wow, life has a way of changing. I pray for your healing and strength through all that has come.Being you are such a caring person I am sure you are surrounded with love and support from family and friends. Don't be afraid to hold them close and lean on them when you need the strength. Cancer is not always a means to an end but an awakening to all the things we seem to miss in our rush through life. Keep your faith and know God has not and will not turn His back on you. My dad is a survivor of cancer but through everything he kept a positive outlook and literally blew us all away with his love and inner strength. Meditate on your health and visualize the cancer cells shrinking away, your body filling with the healing love of God. I feel in my heart that you are going to be okay, it's going to be a bumpy road but you will be a great example to those close to you. I want so badly to reach out and give you a hug and take your pain and worry away. Sending you love and light.

    God bless you, try to be positive. Lots of love x

    Bloody hell, i'm sorry to hear that Velma, my thoughts are with you!

    I share in all the sentiments and well wishes expressed here. I prey you have the strength and faith to win. Bless you. 

    See  there is many here who  care !!    Take care Carmaxable !!!!!!

    Oh my......what to say at this shocking moment! Can't imagine what is going through your mind and heart at this time. It is said you must go THROUGH it to get to the other side,....and I, we, I hope, give a great lift of air to your wings throughout your journey, your flight. Very best to you and your family, with love, only loves heals.  :-)

    Best wishes, lots of love and prayers...and GET WELL SOON!

    I am so sory to hear this carmaxable I do hope you stay possitive through this it can be beaten please take Colleens advise there are lots of alternitave medications out there look at th e web and put in what type of cancer you have pamela113 put a question on my buetiful truth I got the dvd it does work with the right food ect have a look at it or ask Colleen to forward it to your email i have sent a few people the dvd copys and it is fighting the cancer please ask Colleen for this you are in my preyers god bless you xxxx


    Mel, that is so sweet of you. Did this DVd, help your sons girlfriend w. breast cancer? My oldest daughter called me yesterday to tell me she is cancer free. She had her right breast removed 2 yrs. ago. I am so thankful to God, he heard my prayers.

    Ann sorry I havnt answered this just went on it to tu someone! yes I did send them that dvd and they went for the diet it recomends she is recovering but the radio theropy is playing her up she is not copping with the treatment and is now waiting for a bone scan results now its hard but we all have to be posistive I am glad your Daughter is got the all clear i am over the moon for you Ann xxx

    Gonna work overtime on this prayer. Get well soon.

    So sorry to hear you are ill. I hope and pra y that God will give you the strength to deal with you illness. Love and prayers, Ann


    Carmaxable, I dont know what type of cancer you have, but please stay away from any kind of sugar products, it can mestazise your cancer.
    country bumpkin

    I'm glad to hear your daughter is now cancer free. (*~*)

    Thank you CB, Me too.

    Ann my sons girlfriend it will be her 1st year this december so its early days as they say she hasnt had the dvd yet but my son Merc and he is quite knowlegable in this field he put her on a high strengh diet of vegs and fruit and kicked the meat out altogether and he put her on manuka honey and he did read about the dvd which I bought and found it very interesting and it is some of the diet she is on so will have to see one of my friends is on that diet and she does feel a lot better,,I am so pleased your Duaghter has got the all clear what wonderful news my sons girlfriend also had her right breast removed! thank you Ann for your comments and I love you very much as a true friend xxx

    i'm sorry to hear of your illness. god and your medical staff will help you and heal you. your akaqa friends will help too, you know. : )  when i'm not well i surround myself in a warm orange healing light and maybe that is something you could try. i'm glad you have your computer and will keep in touch with us. i've had pneumonia twice - hate it. It takes so much energy even when you're well otherwise!


    I'm so sorry carmaxable.  I do hope you get better as each day goes by.  I'll be praying for you.    I look forward to hearing from you again.  With Great Regards/Yvonne57

    Of course we'll pray for such a faithful member, you are one of us....Shoot, we'd pray even if we didn't know you....Meanwhile, I don't know what stages your cancer us in. I hope it's nothing a little radiation can't take care of..........Do what the doctors tell you and eat right everyday..............

    My heart goes out to you, carmaxable, and with it prayers for a complete and speedy recovery.  
    I can only imagine how upset you are with all of this going on; it would probably immobilize me to receive this kind of news; getting up and taking care of the business of getting well would be a priority once the shock wore off and reality set in.  Please surround yourself with family and friends who will help you develop a positive attitude and advocate for yourself.
    If there are not people like that for you to call upon, please call on me.  My email address is available from admin. You can count on me to be a friend.
    Sincerly, PKB

    Prayer's coming your way caraxable,get well soon.

    Carmaxable, My heart in with you. You are strong, Hold on to your faith and know you are not the disease. You are still the amazing person we all fell in love with. You have my support, prayers and admiration.

    Carmaxable There is a church in Brazil famous for miracles its called in English "Our Lady Of The Lake " My son lives in Brazil and I will ask him to make a visit and light a candle for you . There is the statue of Christ above Rio that is famous around the world many people pray there and is a holy place ,Mike and his girl friend go there I will request a prayer to be said in your name there .   I will be traveling to Santa Fe in the next few days there is a famous church there very old very holy place . It is said that the staircase in the church was built by God . I give you my word that I will stand in that church and pray for your healing and light a candle in your name. May you be given the strength you need for this trial . When I close this a mail will go to my son with my request .It is said from the statue of the Christ you can reach up and touch the Heaven   .     Bill

    You got my prayer,sorry to hear your sick....get well soon from HOMIE123

    Father touch this persons body and heal them through their own faith.

    Don't give up, get well soon.

    My prayer are with you Carmaxable! I am shock to hear this kind of new,It break my hearth if only I could make you well ,again may the Lord give you Blessing and get you well soon!!!

    My heart goes out to Carmaxable,please hang in there.

    I will pray for you...and hope that you come through this alright!

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