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Is make-up on the way out.?
Answers: 5 Views: 94 Rating: 4 Posted: 2 days ago

Image result for without makeup celebritiesImage result for without makeup celebrities                                                Beyonce and Madonna say "Definitely not!"!"

Rating: 2 Posted: 1 day ago
Will you exchange or return something or just keep it?
Answers: 9 Views: 404 Rating: 5 Posted: 1 year ago

I exchanged, but didn't see the sign. Now, I'm sorry!Image result for wife swapImage result for no exchanges

Rating: 1 Posted: 2 days ago
do people still give themselves home perms ?
Answers: 5 Views: 69 Rating: 5 Posted: 2 days ago

Not in this home. Image result for Donald Trump White HouseImage result for donald trump wig

Rating: 3 Posted: 2 days ago
A very personal question but I have good reason. MEN! When you go pee, can tou stop midstream?
Answers: 9 Views: 189 Rating: 5 Posted: 9 days ago

What kind of question is this? If I was a woman and this was put to me, I wouldn't "STAND" for it.  LOL!

Rating: 5 Posted: 4 days ago
What is your favorite kind of express?
Answers: 8 Views: 96 Rating: 4 Posted: 9 days ago

Yes, "The Dreamland Express".

Rating: 2 Posted: 9 days ago
Do you have a favorite grandchild?
Answers: 7 Views: 140 Rating: 6 Posted: 10 days ago

Yes. "Eric The Second". Image result for donald trump baby

Rating: 6 Posted: 9 days ago
how i could find the artist of paintings with no name
Answers: 2 Views: 551 Rating: 0 Posted: 6 years ago

Image result for chimp paintingSome of us wish to remain anonymous.

Rating: 0 Posted: 10 days ago
If you were stuck somewhere on a remote island or state and could only eat one food, for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Answers: 11 Views: 231 Rating: 8 Posted: 10 days ago

Quinoa. Of course, it doesn't have every nutrient, but it is possibly the most complete food there is.

Rating: 7 Posted: 10 days ago
Here we go again..
Answers: 8 Views: 217 Rating: 6 Posted: 19 days ago

In the wake of the hurricane in Puerto Rico, I'm just waiting for the president to say something like "9/11 was a real tragedy" (59 died in Vegas, as opposed to 2,800+ on 9/11).

Rating: 2 Posted: 14 days ago
What did you like about the legendary Hugh Hefner?
Answers: 10 Views: 326 Rating: 10 Posted: 24 days ago

His girls'  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............. ears! Image result for hefner bunnies ears

Rating: 3 Posted: 18 days ago

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