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IF I had a giraffe....
Answers: 3 Views: 368 Rating: 3 Posted: 1 month ago

it would be a "PAIN IN THE NECCCCCCCK"!

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is it safe to mix standard oil with today's synthetic oils?
Answers: 3 Views: 556 Rating: 2 Posted: 7 years ago

I am not aware of anything to the contrary. While elements can be harmless all by themselves, e.g. NA  (sodium) and OH ( hydroxide) combining them will produce lye, which can kill if ingested, I can't see that being the case with oil. If anything, combining the 2 in a vehicle would enable it to flow more easily and be less subject to extreme temperature conditions. I live in NY, and park my car outside, where there winter temperatures can be brutal. Therefore, I use synthetic oil exclusively. Yes it's expensive relative to conventional motor oil, but the oil doesn't have to be changed as often. The only viable reasons I can see for mixing them, is the unavailability of sufficient quantities of either, or it's the cost.

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Wishing all of our regulars here on akaQA.....
Answers: 5 Views: 340 Rating: 7 Posted: 1 month ago

Same to you and everyone else here!

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What is your mother tongue?
Answers: 25 Views: 1036 Rating: 11 Posted: 7 years ago


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Can you eat too much chocolate?
Answers: 5 Views: 615 Rating: 3 Posted: 7 years ago

Yes. Too much of ingesting anything can kill you, even drinking water.

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At this time of year, there is a question that is asked regulary.
Answers: 3 Views: 359 Rating: 4 Posted: 1 month ago

"Is Santa Claus real?"

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Do you like an Apple or an Orange better
Answers: 9 Views: 898 Rating: 1 Posted: 7 years ago

Neither. "It's like comparing apples to oranges."

Rating: 5 Posted: 2 months ago

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