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What do you enjoy about the autumn season ?
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The beginning of Autumn in NY, brings cooler weather. A nice respite from 90 degree temps and humidity. Foliage is nice too. There are also negatives for me...days getting "shorter", raking up leaves, cold weather eventually comes and winter is right around the corner. Depressing.

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Exciting is to thrill as difficult is to
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Should I look him in the one good eye? What would you do in the same situation?
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I would wear sunglasses or clip-on lenses, dark enough so it's difficult to see your pupils. I especially like to wear them when I'm out, even indoors. Staring at someone can incite an altercation. I sometimes take the NYC subway, and I'm a bit uneasy about it. When I get into a subway car, I'll scan it for potential trouble. When I'm standing or sitting, I'll do the same. I'll "lock in" to someone if I'm suspicious. I've never been asked, "What are you looking at?" A few years ago, my suspicions proved correct. A group of teenagers got onboard, at 11 a.m. during a weekday. I thought that they should be in school, and were up to no good. They went to the other end of the car. I got off about 20 minutes later, and my suspicion proved to be correct. Right after I left, people were running out of the car. I looked through a window and saw the group pummeling someone on the floor. The cops were on the scene in seconds, and were rounding up suspects.  


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Who is your least favorite celebrity ?
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Justin Bieber.

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Not too often. I just finished listening to Enya. What a talent! 

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What is your favorite way to waste time ?
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Surf the internet.

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What "old person" things do you do ?
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Look at pretty young women. I can run after them, but my "catching days" are over.

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i have just entered the serial number to download mcafee livesafe premium, unfortunately it can't complete the download and i have an error code.
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Contact Customer Support.

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How many folks get to see fireflies or lightening bugs where you live??
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I haven't seen any this year. It has been too hot for me to sit outside. However, here's an amazing display from Tennessee:

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