Anyone trying cryptocurrency ? Is gasoline plentiful ?

    Can be confusing , and is. But i invested 240.00 into SHIB. Its something i will just leave it alone and wait and see what happens. Bought 15 million shares. Hope you people i south and east coast wake up and have gasoline tomorrow. Cyber attack shut down gasoline pipeline from Houston to east coast. "Tarzan" land here in west Texas is now largest oil production in world. 

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    Just seen the report on our news this morning Zorro,, heard Biden say there was no proof that it was the this day and age you would never i reckon it is now (watch this space)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    @terry....."No proof that it was the Russian GOVERNMENT but they believe it IS a group in Russia".
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    G'day Quacker,,i believe it was a (dark web site) from inside Russia.. but as of yet they have not been able to directly say Russian Government,, as of yet..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    Confusing. How are they related, cryptos and gas?

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    Cyber attack on the pipeline Clonge..if we hear about it in Aussie i wonder why you are not hearing about it in USA..?????.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. cryptocurrency for me far, gasoline is available 

    You are right Zorro, Crypto is too confusing, it appears to me the main people who are getting rich out of Crypto are the ones that got on it at the start. however if you can afford to throw away $500 bucks, then give it a for fuel we go by the Singapore price. and our petrol station work on a cycle, so around every 3 weeks or so we get a low price if you look around. personally i reckon fuel is the biggest rip off of all time..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..  


    Not so. I am getting richer and didn't get in at the start, as have many others.. I have tremendous gains on paper, i.e., haven't sold yet. They're extremely volatile, and although there are 5,000+ of them, most are worthless or virtually worthless .Here's an interview with a bona fide expert:
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    Best of luck to you Clonge.. me.. i am staying with cold hard cash..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Here's an interesting segment from "60 Minutes Australia" , 26% of Australians invest and trade in cryptocurrency, Best of luck to you too!
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    I watched the 60 minutes video.. and i think 26% of Aussies are going to end in tears unless they pull out of their drug induced fantasy world,,as one person on the video said,,crypto is like a house of cards..and we all know how little it takes to bring down a house of cards..however each to his own Clonge..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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