Don't you just love soup? What is your favorite kind?

    I am a roasted tomato and basil kind of girl.

    Thanks Benthere for reminding me it is soup season!

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    Me too...right now, it's my favorite! yum :)

    I know! I made a roasted yam that was beyond the beyond... I could live in soup!

    Broth only we can keep an eye on you.

    Fishy my love I think you could "live on soup" not in it, it would block your gills and you would drown.

    Glug! but :)

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    Creamy mushroom soup..........

    Minestrone,My wifes home made pea & ham soup is also delicious.


    Gave you the thumbs up for pea and ham, minestrone is only marginly less tasty than old sox.

    love pea soup also.

    Love home- made soup......especially Italian Wedding Soup.

    NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDER.  The very best I ever had was in Newport, Rhode Island. I got to enjoy it twice, 1981 and 1986.  


    Didn,t it go a bit off after five years??

    ROMOS..not sure but I bet it was a different pot of soup! LOL!!!

    You are right Ducky: it was a different pot of soup. Fist time was traveling with sister and mom. Second time was "honeymoon". We took the sidetrip to Newport for that soup. My (now x) husband agreed that it was extraordinary. Silly ROMOS, KOTF. :D

    I make a good one, bacon, onions, celery, garlic, carrots, potatoes, clams, spices, and cream... Not tomatoes, that is not traditional...

    No No, never tomatoes in NE Clam Chowder. YOURS sound delicious, bustieone, so I may have to revise my opinion of where the best CC is, after I taste yours!

    Chicken & Vegetables Eggdrop Soup

    Something  more on the thick side than soupy side......{:D

    PLain old tomato soup with broken toasted bread sprinkled in it.


    Bullet, We like it with a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Actually, mycatsmom, i have tried that, it's delicious.-- i could not bring myself to try peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, it's sounds gross, every one to their own.:)

    Homemade vegetable soup with homemade Mexican cornbread.

    Ox Tail, Pea and Ham, Vegetable (chunky), Pumpkin
    all home made by someone who throws in everything within reach

    Thank goodness no one has said French Onion.

    I have found dish water (after washing the dishes) that was tastier.


    French Onion, when well made, is delicious!

    Ducky, ducks don`t hold their food , frrrt, long, frrrt, enough to taste, frrrt, it.
    this includes, frrrt ,French Onion soup , frrrt.

    I make my own soup always dont really care for anyones soup mine is potatoes and carrots

    3 carrots

    2 med potatoes

    one onion

    good olive oil to cook

    dice all vegables p and fry for about 4/5 mins then add chicken stock home made is best about a pint simmer for twenty mins then blend and then put some fresh cream in a twirl and freshly grated black pepper and serve



    Thank you. I'm gonna try that.

    tabber thank you and you will really enjoy it and its so quick oxoxo

    yum yum...gonna try this too

    padovenick thanks it is so good x

    sounds good i'm going to make it tomorrow, cause i got lots of carrots. thanks.

    Tabber thanks Hun I don't use chicken stock anymore gone to being a veggie head lol xxxx

    Carrot & Coriander just found a tin in the cupboard, having it for lunch with some crispy French stick. 

    Cream of Turkey

    Manhattan style clam or conch chowder. (Red)

    Potato with bacon, onion, garlic and a little milk.

    Cabbage, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, rosemary or basil, rice with or without chicken. (Luvs sm cabij.)

    I had something called 'Hurricane Soup' at a Thai restaurant once, delicious.


    Did the hurricane soup blow you away or was it a little later when you blew the soup away?.
    I commend your bravery for eating, or is that drinking, soup at a Thai , or any other restaurant.
    I had a friend who was a cheff and he referred to soup as "YlorC' pronounced why-lork. Yesterdays left overs re cooked.

    Yes, P.L. I was blown away by the hurricane to the extent that I don't remember the after effect. YlorC; it may have been. Well disguised by some lemon-grass!
    I dropped my spoon in the Hurricane Soup, it hit me in the eye or was it mythai?

    I like almost all soups, but I make one very quickly when I get home late at night, its just a good chicken stock, sesame oil ,noodles ,(1 minute variety) soy sauce, wombock or any veg you like  and prawns,(I always have them in the freezer) also shallots if I have them it's very quick and good with a glass of vino


    wow...sounds good!

    all kinds,it makes me feel warm.

    I'm going to have to agree with "bobby" nothing like a bowl of Clam Chowda" it.

    Fish fry what a great question. Only problem for me is it just made me really hungry.  Now I have to get some soup.  I love clam chowder and just about any soup that is good.  Chicken noodle and gumbo, if you want to call gumbo soup.  It is soupy.



    That deserves a thumbs DOWN! lol

    Not funny... Quit hanging with the KOTF... and put that vinegar away! I have friends in salty places and we have the weapons of mind meld ... be afraid.

    Fish soup!


    Now you are becoming scary....
    EDDK! (Steath режиме)

    *For translation please see comments under KOTF's vinegar statements.*

    The pun was only 5% intended. There are very many kinds of fish soups that I make and simply love including the bouillabaisse - the mother of all soups :)

                  ""        ""          ""

                            Take your pick, they are all gulasch soups, just 3 from 1,320.

                                                                       Bon appetit !  

    Tomato soup........with a grilled cheese sandwich


    Classic combo!

    Made Pea and Ham this week . Very good indeed. Ham shank boiled in pressure cooker 21/2 hrs . Meat taken off the bone , bone removed ,one large Leek and chopped Carrots added cooked for 15 minutes then blitzed in with liquidiser .Essence from the Pork joint cooked earlier in the week added ,soaked Peas added 20 minutes to cook Pepper  and 300ml double Cream meat put back in at the end , very good

    ed shank

    Stop. My shirt is soaking wet from drooling.

    I am going to try that for my husband. He loves ham and pea soup. Thanks Dunc.

    Scotch broth....


    I like Fish n chips too though!




    Love Scotch broth with barley in it.

    Lots of barley, YUMMY!

    i dont know exactly what my fave is. i see so many here and i`m thinking mmmm. but which one is favorite? all of them. hows that for a soup lover!


    I know... Soup heaven. Just gotta love soup!

    Love many; but today it's Lentil!

    My fave is:  loaded baked potato soup, served real hot.


    Hmmmm...Hmmmmmm!!! Excellent!



    I love soup!

    I love to have soup in the winter on a snowy day.

    I can smell that West-bus! Gulasch soup. Wonderful!

    cream of chicken

    I like my home made clam chowda, as we say in RI.  It is it's own food group.  White, or clear, but no Communist Red!  Why taint chowda with tomatoes?  Manhattan is what they call it, I call it crap! And an order of Clam cakes with it please...

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