why do people eat meat? its murder. its bloody savage and cruel. Innocent, beautiful, helpless creatures are tortured and murdered. They suffer horribly and feel intense fear and pain. What is WRONG with you people??? Go vegetarian! Also, it is a horrendous WASTE of natural resouces and a BIG contributor to global warming and loss of natural habitat for millions of other creatures. SO WHY DO YOU DO IT AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR BRAIN, HEART AND SOUL????

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    Headless Man

    We are saving them from dying from old age.

    What a bunch of selfish, shallow, stupid, arrogant fools. I pity your offspring.
    Grit Savage

    how old are you V?

    "I pity your offspring"

    As do I yours V. You're a very angry and self centered person. You would judge others because they do not do as you do. Too bad. If we were not meant to eat meat, we would not be able to digest it and our bodies would not derive any nutrients/vitamins from it. Man made vitamins are no good for you. The body does not know how to break them down properly and use them. The best way to get vitamins is to get them naturally.

    Oh and you're arrogant too....were you perchance looking in the mirror when you typed out all those words meant to insult?

    Hi, V. I hope you still read this. Im sure you have good intentions for the animals. I read your post, I heard your pleas asking for mercy for the animals that you passionly care about... let be honest here, Com on, V, don't call ppl name. It's Disrespectful and ignorant. I chose to be pesectarian for personal reasons and they are mine alone, but I don't force my ideas down on someone's throat or trying to convert them to become vegetarian or pesectarian by any means. We are who we are by the choice we made, the life style we live.

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    What do you wear? Leather belts, leather gloves, leather footwear? If you have a car, does it have leather seats? Ever play baseball or softball? If so, with what? Ever play football and if so, what was it made of? Please give honest answers...if you dare.

    if god didn't want us to eat animals he wouldn't have made them out of meat!!

    Well, he wouldn't have made us carnivorous anyway.

    Years ago when I grew up in Europe , there were mosly small farms and, where all the animals had a name and were lovingly taken care off. Animals were humanly killed for food. We had to eat meat, since there was no Vit. B 12 available. I dont object to people eating meat. The only thing I object to is animal farms where they are raised for food in the cruelest and inhumane conditions..I do eat some meat, but not on a regular basis as I used to. The picture of these animals beeing abused and made to suffer never leaves me.

    The first meal I go out to get when I get back to the states is a thick, juicy, medium rare, N.Y. strip steak. It's heavenly, with mushrooms and mixed vegetables. See I include murdering veggies.

    I love my steak raw - tartar, yummmmm...

    Sounds better than salad to me.!
    Because God gave us a variety of food to eat and balance our systems with. This includes animals. Because it's the food chain. Because we like to eat more than murdered carrots. Are you a PETA member?

    Then we take the murdered carrots hoe and shred their bodies or dice them...I can't go on!!!!
    HA! I just saw the reference to global warming-- Wow, You are on the far left huh?? A real leftist screamer, name caller, a real show of an unintelligent life form. You are a puppet, a troll and sheeple all in one.. Its people like you on the extreme far left that is destroying every fabric of the USA, assuming you are where I am.. Do you also drive a Prius and wear a straw hat? You are soooo brainwashed. And to think, you call us 'sickos'.. LOL

    I played with troll dolls when I was little. They were ugly but had psychidelic colored hair that was long and stood straight up. Just anothe free association from Doo.
    how do you think the plants feel when there slaughtered?? Ever ride in a combine? I swear you can hear tiny little screams..
    You may call it murder, but the translation of "murder" is "unlawful killing of a human".
    We eat animals animals eat animals animals will eat us if they get a chance so we all seem to be happy eating one another
    Once the lions etc stop eating meat then I will join them until then pass me a 8oz steak
    Wasn't V the series all about aliens who came to earth pretending to be our friends when what they really were about was harvesting humans to eat them? Did you ever see the TV series V?

    Yeah i think so, and the 'day of the Triffids' where the plants were killing people-- BAD PLANT!! Don't do that!!!
    abby grant

    way to go colleen, you hit the ball right out of the park with that one. HOME RUN!

    so they have invaded..huh
    Oh damn, is this thing back again??? Oh please go away!

    Sir I take you find all meat packing procedures and policy's up to your approval and satisfactory . How is being humane wrong? I enjoy a steak and a burger like the next guy ,but I dont want that animal killed in some hideous fashion just to make another Big Mac .When we stop desiring to be and do better then its over for us .What right do any of us have to deprive another living thing of its life in a cruel fashion . Eat meat but be humane about it ,sounds like a oxymoron ,but thats the best I have . Bill

    'Bill' Don't call me 'sir' - Thanks! :) I don't think I mentioned anything about how these animals were euthanized-- I do however have a problem with the word 'murdered'. you and I are meat eaters, in order for us to have this meat for our culinary enjoyment, the animals must be killed. It is unfortunate but we can not eat them alive. The procedures of killing or euthanizing these animals may seem cruel and I agree but unless you can find a different way there is currently no choice other than do as the original thread starter says and become a plant eater. I try my best not to think of the meat that i am eating and enjoying as anything but food.

    I have a problem with hunters that will go in the wild and 'kill' for sport, using the latest technology and camouflage to hunt their prey and celebrate when they succeed.
    You knw, there was a study done years ago at Stanford University about plants and emotion. In their study they interfaced a common plant, be it tomato, celery or ragweed, makes no difference, it was plant life.. They interfaces this plant to a highly sensitive electrical energy detector, kinda like a lie detector but 100,000+ times more sensitive.

    They lit a match and burned a leaf, the plant reacted to it, they did this several times, each time the plant reacted to the burning of a leaf.. then after this conditioning, they walked close but not so close that heat from the match would interfere with the experimental.. When they lit this match, the plant reacted again!! and this time they didn't even touch it!! THE PLANT KNEW IT WAS BEING ATTACKED! SO!! You are slaughtering helpless plants, plants have feeling too! You should be ashamed of yourself..

    It didn't mean it was conscious. Of course the detector detected something. The plant will always react to heat and light. It doesn't mean it "felt" anything. It is part of its built in properties to adjust to change. A plant doesn't know it is a plant, and an animal doesn't know that it is an animal. Only humans have a spirit which then we can say, "Why am I here as a person?"

    go away, you're busting my bubble!! LOL!!! :)

    It does mean it was aware. Awareness is part of something live. If it lives, it has a right to live. Maybe we all should just starve to death.

    No no no, don't stare to death :) God gave us everything to enjoy, so enjoy it if you do.
    PETA= People eating tasty animals

    I think the veggies your eating have been sprayed with something bad. Seek help immediately. What do you wear for shoes? Cabbage leafs?
    You know what 'V'.. You certainly have your right to do as you wish and believe what you want to believe but you show your total ignorance and incompatibility with your fellow humans. Putting it lightly you're an instigator. You would make an excellent dictator. If you want to be a vegan/vegetarian, go for it.. but don't show your immature ignorance by coming here and insulting those that don't follow your designated path. Just carry on with your meat free life, this leave more for us meat eaters. I truly enjoy a nice 12 oz steak. You go eat your salads and veggies, and learn to 'coexist'.. STFU!
    Calm down V.. People evolved eating meat. Its the reason who we are today.

    We eat meat because we like it and we can and no name calling please.

    PS Stop smoking whatever plant you smoke, would you?


    Hmmm it's not pot! hallucinegen,,,payote that's it! Bad News. ANimals mess with your mind when you trip!
    1. Because I get hungry.
    2. My brain is fried.
    3. My heart has been broken so many times.
    4. I sold my soul.
    anyway mmm hotdog
    Get a grip V. Stop eating murdered vegetables. Veggies have a consciousness and are aware you know. THEY ONCE WERE LIVE BEFORE YOU ATE THEM. OMG!!!


    Veggies have a consciousness? Does that mean they know right from wrong or other conscious attributes? How do they know they are alive?

    You must first understand the many levels of consciousness and awareness. Then you'll understand the rest. Why do you target me FF? If you do not agree with my thinking EVER, just ignore me. Google plant life, awareness, consciousness, etc...agree or don't agree but sometimes, it's simply belief. If it lives, it's aware.

    I am not targeting you and yes I do agree with many things you say. Obviously my TU is not working or you would know this. I am asking you questions so I know why you think the way you do. Is that a problem?

    It just feels like you're always trying to contradict me is all. I guess I'm reading you wrong. My apologies. As for the TU..thank you. Without the alerts I do not know outside of the last 8 or so who gives me a TU unless I think at some point in the day to check. I miss the banner letting us know.

    If I ask a question, I am not contradicting. If I say something about an answer where someone has said something that perhaps they could learn from more info on, I provide it. They can always accept it or reject it and it doesn't matter to me. But I am not targeting anyone specifically. I guess I will have to start adding verbage to my TU's so people know I appreciate their answer.

    They're working on a new system to alert us to TU's. What information did you provide that I could learn from? I do believe in a sense that even plant life knows it's alive on some lower level of consciousness. It knows to face the sun. It knows to spread it's roots in search of food, it knows when to retract from something unpleasant. It knows instinctively how to survive. That is awareness and consciousness at some level in my opinion. Again, I apologize for misreading your intent.

    You are right to an extent, but it isn't awareness, it's programming. It is why all plants and animals know what to do, "instinct" is programming.

    Even people are programmed then as part of our survival also depends on instinct.

    They were created before animals...and long before us!
    " a BIG contributor to global warming"

    I thought they poo-poo'd global warming? Isn't it the prophecy coming to fruition now and not something environmental? According to the bible, we're all doomed anyway so EAT MEAT! Save an animal from being roasted alive by a ball of fire or something.


    Ah yes, climate's so hard to keep up with the ever changing theories.

    How can people be so blind . No one care what you put in your face unless you are snacking on the neighbourhood kids . If its vegetarian then should we allow all the GMO stuff . Round up is a very bad chemical very bad ,and yet we now have corn that is "Round Up Ready " meaning we can spray our food crops directly and Round Up has no effect on the corn we eat . Trust me Round Up kills every thing !!!! We should eat this stuff ?????  If we eat meat why can we not be humane with the process . Simple as that !!!!!  So many words expended here ,offence taken insults traded things misconstrued. When the only question is in reality is do we really need to be inhumane with animals . The people who manage the food industry see us as the human herd and we are no more than two legged animals . Fact is to have stability you must feed the herd . Hence the GMO crops. Mass food production for the masses regardless of the health consequences .There are too many of us and we are too expensive to care for as we age  ,so the solution is to accelerate the departure of the aging ones by introducing GMO food stuffs . I think they would call it accelerated natural mortality . Thinning the herd !  Point is do we need to rape the earth and kill its inhabitants in cruel fashion to promote our lives ?  We can all strive to be better and live better . No need to be mean unless its your ex thats getting the treatment . LOL !!!!!!


    The person who posted this crap (meaning the original rant) belongs to the p r a t s group, people ranting and talking stupidly and should be ignored.

    Lewboy . I respectfully disagree,what I see here is a human being who loves animals and only wishes they lived without pain and fear. Sorry but I see the words as a plea and not a rant . Cruelty to each other and to all living things is wrong unless its my ex then go ahead and use the cattle prod . I eat meat and intend to continue to do so . I will not condemn some one asking for kindness and compassion . Fact is in all parts of our lives we can do better .

    You dont deserve some of the things you have gotten here . Each to their own .If people had to kill what they ate instead of buying meat in neat plastic packages there would likely be more vegetarians. You would in no way approve of me ,I use leather in the making of things I sell and have for years . So the pile of animals behind me is large indeed . To say nothing of the burgers I have consumed . At my age and for health reasons meat consumption is going down . The issue here is cruelty to any thing in any form . On that issue I am with you and wish nothing had to know fear and pain. I dont know of a solution ,nor can I offer any solstice people are just plain mean sometimes. Our brains give us the chance to rise above evil and cruelty and aspire to goodness,but it is a choice we dont often take . If your life pleases you ,then by all means continue on your path. I applaud your efforts and admire your fortitude . Good Luck    Bill   


    Good Point, Bill.There is NO EXCUSE to make these animals suffer the way they do, before beeing slaughtered.

    You make all the arguments that V could have made the difference is YOU didnot insult anyone.

    lewboy : We dont really know the conditions under which our food is made or where . Have you ever heard the saying if you like sausage dont ever see it being made . LOL As to cereal how many insect parts are allowed per ????? Tempered to see the food prep areas in some restaurants never eat out again if you saw some of the people that made your food . Whole point is ,while the argument was not scholarly or articulate ,it was a heart felt sincere plea by someone to stop being mean and callus .Make better choices in our lives and be responsible for the choices we make when buying things . I read this and saw a sincere person making a plea for good without the word skills of a lawyer . I buy meat from family farms and responsible people . What harm does being good create ? Bill
    I eat animals because they are so delicious

    I agree,I love a good steak.
    there humanly killed there shot within seconds and the cant even feel it its the best way to die if you ask me
    because it is our god given right. I have killed at least one deer every year for 25 years. it is our heritage,our right you wouldnt be here if your ancesters were vegitarians.

    That's right!

    WHY dont you talk to the animals as well .Like the Lion Tiger Polar Bear Wild Dogs Just walk up to them and say"Why dont you all be Vegetarians!! .Lion to Tiger "WHO is this piece of "Shit" Tiger it might be Shit but its "Meat" "So aliens have landed .Break "wind and speak with fork tongue ,go home "ET" to vege,land by the way eating veg causes more More Global warming Cows eat grass and break "Wind more than people who eat "Meat .Mc Cartney always had meat untill he met his wife Linda went Vege ,Get your facts right .See NO brains need Iron in your blood comes from "Meat  

    deano enimals do eat us just watch the gost in the night man eating lions

    Right, he said animals eat us if they get the chance. Meaning he acknowledges the fact that animals do eat people.

    Some religions believe that the "fear of man" will at some point be removed, and all animals will attack us. Talk about mad cows :)

    What religions would those be? I've never heard of that. Mad cow disease does not make the cow attack people, the disease attacks the nervous system making the cow incapable of standing thus making it incapable of attacking anyone. ; )

    Funny, I've never been bit, let alone eaten by a cow, pig, sheep, chicken etc. And by the way mad cow disease seems to change the cows brain..and nervous system. Why there are 2 peole that think that's my exact problem!! Doees that mean I can be a cannible?

    We shouldn't think on an empty stomach!
    Dammit! I just heard my tomato scream!

    There is one point I would like to mention to all meat eater and vege, or consider as food, It important to be thankful for the food that we eat, that only God can provide us human and animals. that was one custom before meal is to say grace.Could it be that it is one of the reason that there so many unhealthy eating habit?

    U make A  no sense""""""""""

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