I'm making it official. :(

    After 10 years at akaQA, I will be leaving. As you know, many, if not most, of our regular members have already gone. I miss so many of you but I realize that our site has all but disappeared when it comes to receiving new questions.

    On a further note, I have been ill since mid June (3.5 months so far) and I've had a lot of time to consider what to do about akaQA. I'm very sure that it will never return to its original glory when it was so busy that the moderators could barely keep up with it. When I clear off the useless/gross questions for today, I will no longer be moderating so sadly, that may have a bad result. Hopefully, our other moderator, Country Bumpkin will keep at it.

    I'll miss those of you who are still around and I'm sad to leave. Best wishes to all of you. It's been a great ride! 

    Your cyber friend, Ducky.  :(

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    Be well, be safe, it's been a pleasure "knowing" you.



    Thanks Roy.

    Sorry to hear you are crook Quacker..and more sorry to hear you are leaving (Ducky) today i call you by your right name...if there is some way i can change your mind,, let me know...all the best mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Thanks Terry but there is no changing my mind.

    I'm sorry to hear this and I will miss you Take care and I hope you feel better soon


    Thanks clu. I'll miss you too.

    My cyber Canuckian friend,  As much as I try to avoid any involvement with social media, AKAQA was, for years, my exception and occasional refuge. Whatever the reasons are behind its’ ultimate demise, I still remember with fondness its’ glory days when opposing opinions flooded the site and made it addictive. For quite some time, too much effort by a very select few of the moderators that chose to assume the role, was spent sanitizing the site and trying to make it their own. You were not one of them, Ducky. You always left plenty of rope out there for people to participate actively and openly. 

    Most importantly, however, is the current and future state of your health. I hope that it is no more than a bump in the road. I wish you the very best for many more years ahead and want to thank you for having moderated me for years and for the many laughs we’ve had along the way. 

    Cheers ,


    terryfossil 1

    Well spoken Digger..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    "plenty of rope" Thanks digger This "bump in the road" is a severe case (clothing still hurts after 4 months) of shingles, 'severe' due to the fact that two doctors did not diagnose. I am now left with damaged nerve endings which could last a year or at worst, forever. My style has been severely cramped and I sleep as much as I'm awake. I don't like this very much!
    You are right. We did have many laughs over the years and I've enjoyed your sarcastic sense of humor (Canadian humoUr). Maybe someday we'll actually meet and try out our humour in person. That would be fun. So long, Ducky.


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