Do implants hurt?

    dental implants for my daughter who is  only 10 years old? Do implants hurt?

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    They hurt like h*** when they fail. Trust me, the owner of 10, 5 of which have failed and been removed. I wouldn’t recomend them to ANYONE………..


    funny funny. but deep truth is really funny.

    Dental implants at 10 years? Normally they are not done until adulthood, 18 years at least, when bone growth has stopped. Can you give further details?

    The late soul singer James Brown thought they hurt.  That's when he started shooting up everything with a shot gun. He said he was in so much pain from implants.


    sounds horrible. I can see why they hurt, b/c that metal is stuck down in your bone. And your bones are sensitive to pain. Ask any bone cancer victim.

    I do not think it will hurt,  You may read this article here

    Dental implants surgery not suitable to just ten years old child. You can ask for help from one pediodontist.

    You don't ask "what kind". I've had 5 dental implants. Pain-free while procedure was done. Last one, I had pain for a few hrs. after. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being most painful, I had a "3" and took the prescribed Tylenol w/codeine, that one time only. It was "painful in the pocket", though. About $5,000 per, bone graft and crown.

    Usually, dental implants are not recommended to children below a certain age. It is going to be very painful as their gums are not developed completely. You may consult another health professional.


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