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S U R P R I S E.............No Surprise
Answers: 3 Views: 138 Rating: 6 Posted: 9 days ago

If I planned a surprise and someone blew it, I would be Hissed! No H intended!  I had a surprise party for my mate turning 80 a year and 1/2 ago and reminded everyone everytime I talked to them it was a surprise! I think some folks intentionally spoil the fun!

Rating: 3 Posted: 8 days ago
Answers: 5 Views: 196 Rating: 7 Posted: 16 days ago

Here in SW Michigan we were told we might get our third day of no precipitation since the 1st of the year! THAT did not happen! Very bad for our farmers!


Rating: 6 Posted: 15 days ago
What do you think about the poeple who climb dangerous mountains, like Mt.Everest? If time and money were no problems,
Answers: 5 Views: 236 Rating: 6 Posted: 21 days ago

I am not a fan of cold and snow! I am not a fan of heights! So no thanks!

Rating: 5 Posted: 17 days ago
Who has some effective time management tips ?
Answers: 2 Views: 98 Rating: 2 Posted: 20 days ago

I have lots of time so I only manage it when there are appointments or regular days for chores! LOL


Rating: 2 Posted: 18 days ago
Who am I?. I became famous in the 60's and became a rock and roll legend
Answers: 5 Views: 148 Rating: 5 Posted: 20 days ago

I loved Janis! Drugs took so many fantastic  great singers and band members!


Rating: 3 Posted: 18 days ago
Suggestion: How about each member who is still here....
Answers: 4 Views: 213 Rating: 4 Posted: 21 days ago

Good idea Ducky! I will try to do that!

Rating: 6 Posted: 20 days ago
What is it called at your house?
Answers: 6 Views: 232 Rating: 6 Posted: 29 days ago

a  couch!

Rating: 4 Posted: 26 days ago
If you arrive home and you're exhausted but also starving....
Answers: 7 Views: 290 Rating: 6 Posted: 26 days ago

I would grab a sandwitch or nuke a frozen snack then fall to sleep!


Rating: 5 Posted: 26 days ago
Has anybody seen wild parrots in the U.S.? If so, where?
Answers: 5 Views: 218 Rating: 5 Posted: 1 month ago

I saw parrots outdoors in Florida, but I would not call them feral! I believe parrots need tropical air so that would limit their area to the southern states

Rating: 5 Posted: 1 month ago
Do you believe in Miracles ?
Answers: 11 Views: 1670 Rating: 8 Posted: 2 years ago

I wish I did!


Rating: 4 Posted: 1 month ago

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