Any opinions on how this woman got a car license..?????????   i have to admit the mind boggles..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    terryfossil 1

    In Aussie if you cannot do parallel parking you do not get a license,, this link should give an idea on how it should work..i would think left hand drive would be opposite to right hand drive..

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    There are a lot of people in this world with licences who struggle with how to parallel park. 

    I remember it was a requirement to know how to parallel park before obtaining my license.

    I  had a heap of trouble trying to park but I did earn my license..  I believe the instructor passed me because  I did very well with the rest of my driving test.

    Other than not being able to parallel park, the lady may be a very good driver.  

    Maybe it wasn't part of her road test or it was and she had hundreds of feet of curb space, used it and "aced it". My car can park automatically. Maybe she can use an upgrade.


    I avoid parrelel parking! I did it when taking my driving test by reading a drivers manuel. Now I'll drive around looking fo a spot to just pull in! LOL

    I couldn’t download the site on my phone but I get the gist. We have to parallel park to pass the test and if you just tap the pole it’s an accident and you failed. In my years if driving I’ve had to test twice and achieve the goal. A real headache both times. 

    terryfossil 1

    Once you get it down pat is like falling off a bike..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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