Am I a racist???

    It's Australia Day tomorrow,26th Jan.

    In a news report last light it was declared that anyone flying an Australian flag from their car is an "Exclusive Racist".

    Well I fly a flag on my truck & in front of my house.

    I don't consider myself a racist,just an Aussie & BLOODY PROUD OF IT!!!

    Obviously those who don't like to see the flag on cars etc still don't consider themselves as Aussies.

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    Long may you fly your flag Tom, and that is the way it should always be..R.

    You've lost me on this one. You live in Australia and you can't fly an Australian flag? Is it considered disrespectful to put the flag on a vehicle? Is that it?

    I think it's about middle eastern immigrants feeling left out of it.You see,They have come here looking for a better life but don't consider themselves Australians.

    Who could believe that...political correctness gone overboard...AGAIN!!!! Odd isn't it, how everything gets completely turned upside down?

    fly your flag no way are you racist to fly your own flag in your own country in the usa they salute thiers every morning in schools

    sounds like in the U.S. - - - - if you're a proud Southerner and you fly the confederate flag, or have it as a bumper sticker on your car, you're considered a racist. It's just a statement that someone is a southerner......especially when they go up north or to other states.

    Check this out might have a different opinion.

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    Not to worry. I've  discovered a long time ago that those that shout RACIST the loudest,  are generally the real racists.





    And you are dead right mate.Thanks.
    Headless Man

    So true.....TU

    Why should you be a racist for displaying your countries flag in your own country? Is there a law against it, or is it the "PC" brigade getting out of hand, fly your flags wherever you wish, I DO, bugger the rest of them...R.


    That's what I say too mate.

    That's because of the rag-heads who don't like us anyway.

    Well Tommy .You should be proud I am of the Satire Scottish flag 25 JAN .we celebrate our great Poet ROBERT BURNS life Two proud nations.bless them both Dowsa

    It,s today dowsa, you missed the 2,but it all tastes the same any day eh?..KOTF.

    NO Romos look again Witchcraft in the family

    Us Scots are fly b******s eh? ha ha ha ha..KOTF.

    What the heck is an exclusive racist? Fly your flag proudly!

    Be proud to fly your flag Tommyh,I fly the "Red,White and Blue on my home every day with pride.


    And so you should Rick.

    You are an Australian patriot sir! Congratulations! Long live Australia and her patriot citizens!

    I'd fly a Texas flag if I had one to fly. Being proud just means being proud. Good on you.......!


    I have a Texas flag in my office.I'm quite proud of it too.Go figure?

    White side up I hope......and thank you.........

    Yep I know how it works Jools.LOL

    Fly your flags..........


    I will be.Don't worry!



    Happy Australia Day Bulletman.

    Well if being proud of your country makes you a raceist, i guess i'm guilty too...

    Fly your flag,and be proud.

    No you are not racist. People need to grow up.  My dad flys the American flag all year long in California. If people don't like another's culture move. But don't make me change all my traditions because its not your religion and/or culture.  Childish thinking.  And what gets me,  most people go for the bullcrap.

    You fly your flag sweetheart and be proud of it. Don't let anyone stomp on your spirit!

    I live in England and flying our own flag is frowned upon in case we upset the ethnics, Birmingham Council even tried to change christmas to wintervill one year for the same reason.

    I say be LOUD and PROUD of your country, and if you choose to live elsewhere then respect that country also.   

    ""I am one proud Aussie.Have a great Australia Day........Tommy , Peoplelover , Bulletman ,Eggplant and lambshank.


    you too Pyth.

    Thank you,hope you had a good Australia day too,we're flooded in here at the moment and I think it made for a better community spirit celebrating this special day

     AustraliaHow dare anyone say that you are a rasict because you want so show how proud of your Country.....I think the same they are the Racist who are not proud of there Country I say get out !!!!! 


    Here i am Tommy ,i read the article on the site last night, i could not believe i told the guys at work this morning, they thought i was joking, i can't repeat whay they said when i told them it was fair dinkum. no doubt this came about from a towel head, if i knew i would not get arrested, i get some guys together wearing white robes with the white  hoods to scare them back to the middle east.  --- i have two flags on my car for the last week and proud of it.


    And so you should be Bulletman I am proud of the Scottish flag the one my fore fathers died for.

    dowsa, my partner loves her heritage, === St. Andrews Flag.

    Tell them to get stuffed Tommy, I have a Aussie flag flying outside my house every day and both me and my wife have a flag on our respective cars for Australia Day.

    I just got back from my weekly visit to the Aged Care Centre where I take my dog and she had a flag on for Aussie day.

    The flag means something to true Aussies, as far as the rest of the ratbag element in Australia, they can go take a long walk off a short bridge.

     Point, if you only have one on your car flag protocol decrees it fly on the right hand side.



    Actually,it's not a flag IOt's a bigg sticker that says Aussie,Aussie,Aussie,Oi,Oi,Oi!
    The other car has a sticker that says,"If you don't love it,LEAVE!"

    If the person who said that is a pin head, and I'm sure he is, don't give it a second thought



    Do what you want to , when you want to, and only because you want to,   Thats my opinion and I 'm sticking  to it. so fly it  if  you want to.

    When in Rome your expected to do as the Roman's do . Your a Roman arn't you . It's the imported immigrants that should realise that they are now in Rome and adopt to the Roman ways . They should realise that they are now in a new adopted country and should leave their origins behind to become Roman's after all it's they who made the choice to move to Rome . They by insisting on clinging to their origin's and mother country are the one's who are refusing to adapt they are expecting Rome to adapt to them and not them to adapt to Rome. It's they that are causing the tension by refusing to recognize that they have changed their nationalities to Roman and are now not whatever nationality they were. This should apply to every new country and city  that people migrate to including Birmingham . Fly your flag high and be proud your ancestors adapted to becoming Australian's didn't they .


    Well said dunc.


    You are talking about the miniature sized flags, like the ones the US president has fluttering from both side-view mirrors whenever he is being driven somewhere?  "Exclusive racist".....for acknowledging that you are a homegrown citizen of the country you live in celebrating its own day?
    That is as stupid as the kids here in the US who were sent home from school on "Cinco de Mayo" (Mexico's independence day) for wearing t-shirts that had the flag of the USA imprinted on them. The racists are the ones who fly their native country's flag ABOVE the one from the country they are mooching in and THAT county's flag beneath it AND upside down. 
    I hope Australia sells out of flags because EVERYONE who has one flies it on Thursday. And all the other days as well.
    Stupid.  Just utterly stupid.  

    Happy Australia Day to all you Aussies. Fly your flag with pride and dont worry about those pinheads! After all you made this country what it is today.

    You're soldiers fought in W.W.2  for you're right to fly the flag and you're no racist and they can go jump in the lake!! be proud to be a Aussie as I am proud to be a American enjoy Australia day""


    You're dead right Whovin.We have fought in all the wars.WW1,WW2,Korea,Vietnam & even the Boer war,We also have troops deployed in Afghanistan as we speak.We have earned the right.

    You're welcome Tommy

    Where did they go to school an learn their vocabulary?   If flying ones flag makes them a racist, then there's a world of racist out there, so tell those that said it to kiss your (UN)racist A$$.

    All Australian akaqa members, please enjoy, celebrate, have a great Australia Day and fly your flag width pride!

    Happy Australia day, fly the flag and be proud of it, we do and also have just enjoyed an aussie BBQ with friends to celebrate (all be it a very wet one this year)

    Forget about the car and house show the whole world.


    Happy Aussie Day, be proud and fly your flags high. This is all that being politically correct b.s. that is floating around out there....


    Fly the flag Tom.5 years later and now they want to change Australia Day date..Stuff em..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for australian flag photos

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