Another Day

    So was it worth it this day ???? Learn anything ?????? Do any good deeds ??????? See the sunrise or the sunset?????? Kiss anybody ,give a hug ??????? Did you dance like nobody was watching????? Add any great music to your library???? What did you do with the gift of this day ???? Was any body glad you were here???? Were you grateful????? I am !!!!!!

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    I woke up to a rain shower and birds chirping.  Lovely way to start the morning.

    My kiln is firing.  The sun is shining.  The house is sleeping and I am enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.  I would say this is a day full of promise.


    I  remember this day two years ago....

    I danced as if no one was watching. The next day I received the signed petition from the neighbors asking me to stop!


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