How many inches are there in one foot?

    If someone asked that question would you answer it or would you tell them to google it?

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    Depends on whose foot.

    this is why i like to see our answers. the collective answers.
    12 inches-answer
    I don't know, I wear size twelve, let me get it out of my mouth and I'll let you know. Lol.
    I once heard someone say they had 12inches, but they didn't use it as a rule, perhaps they were talking about a foot!
    It would depend on my mood. It would also depend on if they asked similar math problems as this would alert me to the fact they are looking for us to do their homework. More than likely I would just answer it.
    12" = 1 foot.
    i would tell them that i am not sure and i will get back to them later. LOL
    i woulden't even acknowledge it .. i guessi just did
    There are 12 inches in one foot.
    one thousand hundred ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stupid!

    You completely missed the point. ... And, you are being nasty. :(

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