What is your biggest "pet peave" with our culture?

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    The welfare system that rewards people for laziness and being too stupid to use protection against pregnancy.
    Our educational system is failing and the fix (in my opinion) is to have school on TV. Feed back to teachers show who is watching and remotely monitor. Computer interfacing allows 2-way com. The cost savings is the collective brick&mortar system, school busses are eliminated, the fuel savings alone would pay for the cost of this change over and teachers can work at home. Our educational system costs at present is high, doing this cuts educational costs significantly. We are doing this already with college courses on line…why not grade school? E-Books are replacing paper already lets step the pace up.

    We just think we need to much to be happy and we don't.
    my biggest pet peave is people who think they're owed something just by being born, who aren't willing to be responsible and find honest work.
    I am sick too death about political Correctness.... Parent have a responcibility to teach thier children RESPECT... There is no need to walk on egg shells, if we are all tought to respect one another. Parents need to be parents and role modles for there kids.

    Jenn you took the words out of my mouth--thumbs up
    So many good answers here funny ones too.

    I suppose my biggest dislike of society is selfishness, if people were just more kind or even loving towards others this world would be a much better place to live in.
    We appear to be living in a "me and "I" society, working towards accumulating wealth. However unhappy this makes us we keep on doing the same thing. "Get more" seems to be the motto. I really dislike ads that give the impression that if you buy _____
    you will be happy. Pet Peeve - ads that are junk.

    What would happen if we all worked together for the good of mankind and forgot about self for a while? If we are to survive we will have to share this place we call earth.

    "What would happen if we all worked together for the good of mankind and forgot about self for a while?"

    With all the natural disasters occurring all over the world, people are relearning how to do just that.
    people who cant be responspile for their dogs dropings , if i want to step in crap i'd just go home..
    Drug addicts, politicians and do goodies.

    Whinging drug addicts especially Eggy!

    Hear, hear. I also say, close down all clinics that encourage drug addicts to shoot up. In Singapore they'd be forced into rehab.
    LYING< DISHONESTY and people that uses terminology an don't know definition (this isn't in reference to anyone on here).
    I agree with every one and also sick of our sissy society of politaly correct, eing politicaly correct is like trying to pick up a piece of crap by the cleen end.
    Nobody wants to take responsibility for what they have done. Always looking to blame someone. I can't stand it! Also cell phones and driving please do one or the other or wear a headset or use your speaker phone. Sorry perhaps I shouldn't even have answered this one. I am probably just a walking pet peeve. I also agree with all of the above answers.
    people with pet peaves?
    this is funny ... ha ha. ha ha ha. MY CAT IS NAMED PET PEEVE. she's not a good cat. sleeps all the time. hisses at our grandchildren and costs seventy dollars a month for food. she is part of our
    family. we will have her for life.
    Roger Willcoe

    How big is she?

    10 1/2 pounds. She has a long, rather unattractive body. She likes my soft, warm body and sleeps on top of me however she can. damn cat. any ideas for cutting down the cost of cat food?
    The lack of courtesy these days. Everyone seems to be too busy to take the time to be courteous.
    Roger Willcoe

    Thank you 6dogs4us... :)
    Facebook. The increasing reliance on social internet media in general
    disturbs me. Its altering the way the way we communicate in the west
    on a fundamental level. You should use your tools not allow them to
    define your personality. Also euphemistic speech; I prefer to be
    offended by someone's honesty and deal with it then sift through
    platitudes and conscious languaging to understand their position. On
    a more petty level- urban cyclist who don't obey traffic laws and
    behave as though drivers are the one's with the problem when they
    cause an accident. Its a problem where I live.
    Nice question -it felt good to vent a little.

    Yes, the frustrations and crush of day to day living can stress us and challenges our coping skills for us all. This website provides a means to use it as another coping skill that was my intent at least I hope it helped others vent too. and it gets many views. Thanks for your insight, Good luck on increasing your karma!!
    it is sorta boring at least the "counter culture" if there is such a thing as that anymore, music is really bad,generation after generation says this,but music, yech/ blanch!!! cars and car stereos, really all about politics and all about me, kinds of people

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