do you think pets know love?

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    good question Darin1

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    Of course they do daren. Any animal that is treated with love and kindness will only come back for more of the same, just like people do. They also show their love right back to us, we just have to learn to look for it.

    i could agree more just the oppisite would apply as well you treat an animal with cruelity they do the same to you.

    "you treat an animal with cruelity they do the same to you. "

    Not always. Sometimes those animals try to love you more proving God's love. That no matter how bad you are, God will still love you. God even speaks to us and teaches us through an animal's love.
    Of course they do. Unconditional love- the purest, greatest love of all.
    I believe pets experience love.
    I think pets are the greatest teachers of God's love. So much higher than the emotional love that we think is God's love. Pet's love unconditionally. They know God's love and put up with man's love.
    we have a cat that just love to socialize id swear he's part human
    Oh yes as Colleen said hey are the greastest teachers of gods love just look into thier eye you can tell wether thay are frighten off colour happy and of course love
    Last year, I saw a report that stated that animals do love. Chickens and other birds, show concern for each other.
    Absolutely, just look at the way they look at you.
    Of course you pets know love and feel love. There are stories about how they have walked across the country to join their owners who have moved. My boy cat is so worried about me when I'm out, that when I come home, he rolls over on his back in a submissive position and his front feet curled up. That's a sign of pure happiness and true love. All three of my cats meet me at the back door when I come home.
    I wasn't sure at first,but now I really think there the closest thing to love,unconditionally.Wow I don't know what my wife going to say?

    I think she would agree with you.

    Im sure they do...i only have to walk in the door and i am given the most beautiful welcome of licks and cuddles from my dog.


    I bet you deserve them too PL. (((Hugs)))
    If not love then at least devotion.My little red bitch followed me everywhere & protected me.I like to think it wasn't just because I fed her.

    i admire your user name it speaks the truth
    Anyone who can think animals don`t know love has either never interacted with animals or comes from another planet.

    I was born in the country and I have been around animals all my life, married a couple of them grrr, and I have seen displays of love not only to their humans but to each other.
    Have you never seen birds flocking around a injured one.
    Have you never been nuzzled by a horse.
    Have you never had a cat or dog greet you at the door.
    You haven`t then you have not lived.
    you bet your sweet panties they do, just look at their eyes and what do you see but Unconditional Love.
    Of course we do! (:

    ole hipster

    Double, triple, etc. etc. hugs back...just saw this comment! Like I said...getting old but still keeping to you soon I hope..your friend, Ole Hipster

    HEY "You missed your comments .Never "old in my Mind "Talk the talk OLE Hipster.
    I am thouroughly convinced in this world now that the only thing that knows what true unconditional love is is animals.

    All living things respond to love. A cook who doesn’t love to cook produces the poorest of food even when they follow recipes exactly the result is bad. Love brings every good thing into your life and things that are not good for you flee from your hand as if in careless disregard, lost and forgotten. Likewise those who reject love in their life feel rejected and saddened by their loss though they may not know why. 

    lately my cat loves us more than ever perhaps cause it's cold outside..


    too true!!

    Research in a university in Australia says yes, but only birds. Not birds in large groups, just small groups. They show empathy towards each other. Birds are higher than dogs and are third on the list of intelligence down from man.

    Most Pets  LIVE ON " LOVE"  !!

    So  do I....................


    sure they do. and there is jealousy too.. just look at this pic and see for yourself :P lol


    isn't she beautiful!!

    Of course!!!!!!!!!


    Well, I was only thinking in terms of them not knowing the word 'love'.

    I think it's called survival, in animal terms.

    survival of the kittiest'''


    Yes, I believe pets know love. No matter the tag, it is a feeling many pets feel for the 'family'.


    what do you think the pet feels, then?

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