Would you shave your head if

    you had to undergo chemotherapy? I would as soon as i know i has to have chemo.. I would make that disicion not my illness.

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    I would shave my hair in readiness for the chemo,it would save the heart ache of having my hair coming out in clumps before my eyes.
    I am on chemotheraphy as i type this - and yes i have shaved my head, as it was coming out in handfuls, However it it not too bad for myself as a man with a shaved head. Worse for the girls. Without being shaved it looked a total mess, but after treatment it will grow back. If anyone needs any questions answered re; my chemotheraphy treatment please do ask.

    Thank you for your best wishes. Yes i will beat it - i have an excellent team behind me with major sugery to follow after the chemo. The chemo is working! PMA - "positive mental attitude" is the key to sucsess + a loving & understanding family.

    PMA - "positive mental attitude"

    Yes, I've heard that from many survivors. :)

    Thanks colleen for the video,Melissa is looking better than ever dont you think ?i am gonna buy her cd tomorrow,love her music.

    Maz, you inspire me!!! Lots of love!

    @ pythonlover
    Melissa is healthy, radiant and full of energy. Cancer taught her a lot (her words). Her latest CD "Fearless Love", I'm not so impressed with. She went away from her traditional way of song writing. I like a few of the songs but the rest I think maybe they are too different for me. Millions of others love the CD so I guess it's just me being picky, lol

    Thanks Jenn, for your kind words. Well it is a case of getting on with life, keeping the faith & having faith in the people who are treating you. The treatment i have been recieving has been top quality. I am also on clinical trials for a new drug that could be used in the future for certain cancers. It's good to talk about it rather than wallow in pathetic self pity. I will be OK!

    Best wishes Maz.

    Maz, all our support during this hard time. You have friends!

    Thank you.
    I would NEVER undergo chemo. I'd go the holistic route and if that didn't work then I'd accept my fate.

    I am with you on that.
    Maz. my wife had a total stomach removal for cancer towards the end of last year and yes, she did have her head shaved after the second chemo treatment. She already had a wig ready to wear, however the Cancer Council of Queensland have availabe head scarves and my wife found the wig to irritating and used the scarves.
    Her hair has now regrown, she has dopped 31kgs in weight and looks trim taut and terrific.

    We have fingers crossed for the next 5 years to "all clear"

    The very best of Scottish luck my "forum friend" May the road rise up to meet you and all that stuff.

    If you let it beat you I will never type to you again, so keep up the PMA.

    Hints that helped my wife: Each day look at youself in a mirror and say out loud and I mean loud "F--K off you bastard I don`t want you in my body, so F--k off.
    Get a glass of water and drink it slowly, as you do imagine the water is slowly flushing the cancer out of your body. Do this several times a day to reinforce your PMA>

    Fantastic advice PL. Must always keep a positive attitude against the invasion.

    Thanks 6dogs, a positive mind can work wonders.

    Yes it really does!
    ed shank

    You and your wife are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the positive attitude. We all pray that all will be well.
    Remember - I'm the one that wants Sigourny Weaver to play me in the movie about my life. I have shaved my head for 10 years!!!!! I am almost bald, I shave my hair down to the nubbin.


    Twins lol.!

    ((((Hugs)))) Maz

    Thanks for the big hugs. x
    I have found through women who are going through chemo that once the hair starts to fall out the scalp is very sensitive and shaving it becomes a relief. I also find for women that shaving the head is one of the more difficult things to do. One beautiful woman brought in her husband and we all cried together, it was very devastating for everyone. I sell wigs at a very good price so I have gone through the experience with women...not an easy thing to do!
    i would shave it so that i could be in control.
    I don't have to worry about chemo.I'm getting there without it! (Bald I mean):)

    No I wouldn't. Chemo sucks from what I hear but the survival rate is better than no chemo. I'm going to steal every second of life that I can. The dirt nap is for all eternity. I eventually want to go to heaven, but I don't want to die. Certain irony in that.

    Hi Ed, the chemo here is not too bad & i am still managing to work OK shoeing horses. Yes still shoeing horses! Each person on chemo has different side effects. My main side effects are tiredness at the end of the day, loss of hair, occasional nausia and the odd headache. The odd nap on an evening really helps. Another chemo session on Monday. The most heart breaking part of the chemo is seeing the many young people also on chemo.
    ed shank

    I wish you the best. Many people are able to beat this horrible disease. I've heard about the side effects, but your still here and that's ALL that counts. Stay strong, believe in the lord, and believe in yourself. You are in all of our prayers.
    Making a decision such as that is a very personel thing to make. and either way you decide it is only your decision but if I were in your place and if I needed to make that decision I would go ahead and shave it off. either way I wish you all the best in your difficult time.

    I dont have cancer.. I hope.. I was just curious.
    Thank you all for your kind words.

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