Whats the quickest way to get elephants?

    Elephants is cockney slang for drunk (elephants trunk, drunk) get it!

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    never heard of that one Im sure your haveing me up the apples and pears!

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    Open up a peanut factory in Africa or India. They have a great sense of smell and will probably show up pretty soon after you open your shop. The problem is that elephants do have money to buy them so it may not be the best business to get into...

    You can try some white lightning that stuff is potent. I prefer vodka, rum, beer, or wine.

    leeroy, he said elephants is a slang word for drunk

    Sorry, just my attempt at humor....
    Go to Africa and rope a drunk one :)

    Just don't get caught. Africans don't like people stealing their elephants.
    drink about 3 shots straight down :)

    Sure, we didn't have the hint he posted after we answered, lol Good answer. :)

    actually like your answer better :)
    Put em in you car.. A standard prius can hold 9 elephants. 10 if you let one of them drive..

    Now who would let an elephant drive? The 10th could sit on the lap of the 9th. :)

    Huh?? I've seen elephants drive before, you're not looking.. I saw a giraffe drive a Mini Cooper just last week, of course the sunroof was opened..

    Apparently I'm not getting out enough, lol

    You got a visual on that giraffe.. LOL

    I did and I also saw he had to duck his head for the traffic lights! :D
    At an open bar
    Get a very large butterfly net.OR drink a 750ml bottle of Bundaberg Rum straight down.
    I could tell you the quickest way to get crabs, but not sure I can answer about the elephants;)
    I herd of P***ed- legless- P***ed as a newt-mortal-drunk as a Lord there is loads more but think of them yet
    You could try 'Arrack' strongest thing on the planet. It's made in Sri Lanka. You could most likely buy it at the bottle shop in the UK.
    A big trap baited with peanutbutter.

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