How do you know if you're getting Alzheimer's ?

    Can't remember things like I use to, and get confused when going places.

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    I believe we all tend to forget stuff as we get older. I think the only accurate way of finding out if you have old timers, is to go to the doctor and have tests done. I forget sometimes too and so does my husband, but in neither of our cases is it anything but forgetfulness.
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    I would if I could remember who he
    When you are going to the supermarket and you end up in another town or State, then you have to worry. We all forget things when we get older.I really would not worry about it too much.If it makes you feel better, get it checked out.
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    I haven't done that yet, but my wife usually goes with me, that might help.

    Oh Randy I am glad your wife goes with you we dont want you getting lost in the isle no really dont worry about this as we get older we do tend loose our memory its called AGE
    I told my doctor that I thought I was getting Alziemers.
    He told me to go home & forget about it.
    What was the question?
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    maybe you should put your head back on, lol. although really Randy, check it out with your doc.
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    Putting my head back on might help, but I look so funny that
    you start hideing your own easter eggs!
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    Maybe I did,
    maybe forgetting then again we all haves times we have to stop to think to be honest you" dont and be glad of that feel sorry for the one who has to look after you.
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    Do this at home test... If you fail be concerned.... Blind fold yourself... Get a friend or loved one to get simple to regognize (by smell ) objects... orange, lemon, soap, baby powder coffee.... If you can not recognoize the smells it is a good sign you are losing memory and not just having recall issues.

    not memory . smell. might be good thing on occasion

    no when your brain losses memory it is gone.. The memoery of smell is one of the first memories to go. It is not that cant smell it ... you just cant recall what the smell is.. The memory is GONE... AS in not coming back... If you forget where you put your keys on occation that is a recall issue.. Not GONE misplaced.
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    I can still smell dog farts......Got to get that dog a different food.

    that's a really good idea, Jenn!

    Dang ... I have no sense of smell. Does that mean I've already lost my memory???

    That is a really good test
    Yea, me to 6dogs4us, however I got lost coming home form my daughters the other day.
    I don't know how I did (drive there 5-6 times a year) it was dark and I have night vision problems, but If I didn't have my GPS with me I might been wondering around till daybreak.

    Thank goodness for GPS hey Randman!
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    Wondering can be fun if you can afford the
    I knew the answer to this but ive forgotton it.

    Easy Louise. These are regular members here just having some fun with the question. It was actually the intent of the question if I know Randy ;)

    We try not to use insulting words like "stupid" ;)

    I was going to do a similar answer, good one, thumbs up.
    Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease:

    Memory loss
    Frequently forgetting new information

    Problems with familiar tasks
    Getting confused while cooking or playing a game

    Problems with language
    Forgetting simple words or using wrong words

    Disorientation to time and place
    Getting lost in a familiar neighborhood

    Poor judgment
    Dressing inappropriately for the weather

    Problems with abstract thought
    Trouble with simple math

    Misplacing things
    Putting an iron in the freezer

    Changes in mood and behavior
    Unusual bouts of anger or rapid mood swings

    Changes in personality
    Becoming overly confused, suspicious, afraid, or dependent

    Loss of initiative
    Lack of interest in usual activities
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    I flunk at least half of these.

    I have all of these symptoms.. Mine is from focal seizures and complicated miagrianes.. Dont get ahead of yourself.. These are symptoms for many things.
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    I know if not Alzheimer's, then it's old timers can't win with

    In that case we all have a bit of alzheimers. However it is really sad to see a loved one going through it really, and knowing they are going that way is even worse.
    Most common Alzheimer’s disease symptoms:

    There are several stages of Alzheimer’s disease. There are different levels of signs that can be seen in patients depending on the seriousness of their case.

    Memory loss is one of the most common Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. Patients might forget where they kept their important things. Patients might lose themselves in places that are quite well known to them. They might forget that they have had a conversation. They can forget names of friends and normal things. In severe stages patients might completely forget who they are. They might lose their entire memory.

    The Alzheimer’s disease treatments might become more powerful if the symptoms are detected at the initial stages
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    Forget where I leave things.
    Got lost coming home from my daughters in the dark.
    My wife tells me all the time she told me something that I ask her about.
    Forget names all the time, not just people but places.
    But I still know who I am, because my name is

    Hey you should search out brain vitamins on the web. I used to take Focus Factor and it really helped me. I'm pretty sure there are better products out there now.
    "of all the things i miss i miss my mind the most"...ozzy osbourne
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    But if you lose that, you don't know.
    Its when you go into the toilet and cant remember if you should sit or stand. Can be
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    I always sit, that way I can't be
    Well soooreey, misery guts
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    I know how you
    Hi Randy go to the Doctors if you are really concerned I have been useto this memory loss all my life as being deslexic you have a poor memory get it checked just put your mind at rest x
    Does Alzheimer's come and go I feel much sharper this week.
    I know it doesn't
    When you can’t remember what you did with a $10,000.000.00 winning lottery ticket. Better call it Alzheimer’s or droves of people dangling watch fobs before your eyes asking questions in a soothing voice will be trying to pry the information out of your brain. While others search through every paper and book and shoe box on the estate as if they would all get a piece of the pie if they could find it.
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    Can't loose something you never buy.......
    I guess you wouldn't.

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