How much water do you drink a day?

    72 oz.. for me.

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    Nowhere close to say enough...but I'm planning to drink water a lot this Sunday for my expected hangover!
    Because of my kidney transplant I am expected to drink 6-8 glasses a day.

    Thats water, they said no dark drinks they will dehydrate.

    But do you???
    Headless Man

    Yes, if I don't it shows up in my monthly blood work.
    Headless Man

    I like root beer to and it's good for you.
    JENN, If it has a little hops or grain mixed in I can drink a lot more LOL
    I try to drink around 3 qts a day
    about a litre a day I know you should drink more
    I've cut down on drinking juice,ever since I spill it all over my laptop,never could spell right after that.
    I don't drink water usually, I do drink tea and coffee and then swap over to Diet Tonic Water. I need the quinine for leg cramps.
    all day, every day, at least 6 glasses, sometimes more. It's so good for you!

    I'll drink to that. : )
    I try to make it 2 liters a day. Sometimes, though, when I'm doing a lot of running around for this and that, I practically forget to drink enough. But yes, the idea is 2 liters a day.
    hard to say water is in a variety of food and drinks most people drink more water than they think
    not enough i know its the best liquid for all differant health reasons, but i do try to drink 4-6 glasses a day useally
    About three cases a week.
    I'm aware that drinking plenty of water is important. because of this awareness, I drink a little more than usual. Other than that, I have no idea.

    My capitalization: I've decided to punctuate sometimes .. whenever the keyboard allows. so far, so good. Hmmmmm?
    As much as I can.
    However i do boil it lately because of all the road works and possible germs.
    About three litres.
    Well, eight glasses is healthy enough you will be even more beautiful
    sorry my engelish is not that good

    YOur English is great...
    Whatever is in my coffee :)

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