Is torture ever acceptable?

    As a way to punish, deter or gather intelligence?

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    yes. always.

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    YES, under many circumstances it is.

    The chemtrails say yes.

    When our government tortures prisoners from other countries.Our own people get upset maybe if we would have tortured certain people the first time they tried to blow up the world trade center.Maybe it would not have happend the second time.

    I think that when lives can be saved it is acceptable. As Spock said: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". As long as it's not physical, I believe it is ok.

    No, why would torture be acceptable?.. Is the world conditioned to believe that information is more valuable then human life? that power is more precious? =] hmm?

    Personally I don't think torture is acceptable under any circumstances. It demeans the human race and makes us no better than savages. Mind you that goes for war and not respecting any human being's right to exist in safety and be cared for by his fellow renters of this planet.

    Torture in one form or another has been used for centuries. Both physical and mental. Against a trained person it is not very successful against an untrained person it can be rewarding. It has rarely been used as a punishment more to glean information. Although you could say the stocks were a form of both punishment and torture. I think though in this day and age it is unacceptable and should not be practiced.

    I beleive that only in extreme cases that Torture can be allowed by government institutions to find nessicary information but only in a controled environment and as long as not severe punishment is done.

    do u wish to be torchered

    I believe torture is NEVER justified.Studies have shown that persons undergoing torture will say anything,including admitting to witchcraft,to relieve that torture.Besides,it's just not right.

    government institutions will torture a innocent person to said he is guilety. because they can't find the guilety party. do you think this right to do?

    Yes! But not physical torcher. I have a 5 year old. If some needs answers about something, someone, make them listen to Strawberrie shortcake CD until they answer. Trust me they will crack.

    an eye for an eye...whats your view volcane?if someone raped your mum or murdered your child wouldnt you want that person too be tortured.prisoners of war ie the army (not the jewish prisoners that was just wrong wrong and sick) they are fighting/protecting their country its their job too seek intelligance by any means possible. Iv known people who have tortured or been tortured for crimes of the street usally for money owed or someone has had someone off,drugs mainly its a harsh world out there. But having your manhood cut off for adultry bit harsh but it happens.maybe a prison sentence should be their 1st option, id recommend that because theres no torture like a broken heart

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