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    I do not think so.

    Real suicides do not usually confide their feelings to others.
    You need to share thoughts and feelings with friends/family.

    Do not isolate yourself.
    Seek out good companions.
    Go see your doctor, and tell him/her you have depression.
    Talk to people.
    Talk to God.
    Think positive thoughts.
    Remember no matter how bad your problem is there are millions worse off.
    Do you know any silly jokes?
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    We all like a good belly laugh
    Hope this helps.

    Kindest regards

    I believe the "real suicides" do confide their thoughts to others. It is usual that others do not believe what they've been told.
    dondon, i hope you're feeling better. there's lots of medicine that will help depression. i am depressed frequently and for me exercise works. it's soooo hard to move when i'm depressed but it's true that i will turn on music (LOUD) and move. a trick: smile. make the corners of your mouth go up. if they won't go up lift them with your fingers. (ha) are you doing it now? feel better.

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    Please do not take a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
    NO, DON'T DO THAT!! Only cowards take their own life, you're braver and better person for going through life. Just think about what makes you happy, you'll make it.
    Bodies eventually die. If you don’t use it, it dies. If you use it well it may live for a while longer than if you don’t use it well. Eventually could be 100 years from now or more or an airplane could crash through the roof before you can get out of your chair. No one seems to know what will be next. In the end, your body will no longer be functional and you won’t be able to keep it alive so you will have to leave it. Regret and disappointment over the loss of our body is commonly felt. I often felt I had done something stupid to have died. When I was in the Roman army although fit and well trained, my body became increasingly tired of swinging my sword until I could no longer defend myself in battle. A child could have killed me with a pocket knife. It died. It doesn’t matter now. Bodies eventually die. I don’t know who thought it would be a benefit not to remember experience through time and life after life. I remember and I enjoy those memories.
    Lets see, if you smoke , a democrat , voted for obama, yes you will kill yourself. You probably have feelings of hopelessness, despair, wont take care of yourself properly, cant make decisions for yourself, you have a criminal background,. Life is good , get away from the dark side, learn to make a living. Everybody is born weak, only the gifted overcome it . Be conservative with your life , dont be liberal and waste your resources and end up with nothing. This is why you are in dispair. The government is not your answer, dont rely on it to support you.
    I believe everybody has that fleeting thought of suicide occasionally...despair reason to kill yourself though...definitely think of the folks who care for you...I know from personal experience just how difficult it is to cope when you find someone you love after they have committed suicide succesfully...just don't do it...OK?...keep in touch here.
    Figure out what your passion is and go after it, and enjoy the heck out of it.
    Death always comes too soon for the people who don't do this.

    See they are not such a bad bunch here.
    A little young some of them
    A little inexperience perhaps but not a bad altogether a bunch.
    Thats totally up to you dude! Kinda silly question!

    i think he/she didn't know how to say what he was thinking and feeling. i don't think it's a "silly question"

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