In today's world, economy and all, what gives you hope?

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    people who help each other.

    Me too, no matter how down we get I think one can always lend a helping hand, give a smile, encouragement......
    That I will be dead before the great Armegeddon, and before the total collaspe of our dollar----where our dollar won't be worth anything.
    This country has to be put back to work. I see no politicians that have a solution. The infighting between the parties is beyond disgusting. Nothing gives me hope at this point.
    Survival instinct.......
    I know I say this for alot of answers but they are so inspiring... Children...
    My children & Grandchildren.
    We learn from the mistakes and make the world better for the future, there is my hope.
    My favourite old TV series : the X-files :D
    My Dad's political humours :D

    I bet your Dad is great ..... good answer.....

    YEP , well, most of the time :( you don't want to be in the house when he's ( :S )

    Great thing i moved though :) college saved me , whew :D
    That everything I work for will make me fruitful. That there is purpose in the work that I do and that it will benefit, not just me, but those whom I do not even know. That brings me hope. And, I look forward to the possibilities. Yet, I fear failure.

    Your sister,

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