Do you only answer questions that are new or will you answer a days old question too? Do you use your spell checker?

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    Most people know I'll answer pretty much anything that sparks my interest, or when someone leaves a provocative comment or answer. Sometimes I will just answer a question to make a joke I think is funny. Not that my sense of humor is the best, but I try..

    thank you for the thumbs up and for answering my question. I think you use your spell checker don't you? I just noticed the "Mark as Best Answer" square. Did you make that?

    No I am a pretty good speller, I usually only miss a word if I'm in to much of a hurry. If I get one wrong I can always check on my search engine, it will show me the proper spelling. The boxes are what the site has been working on. It's so the author can pick the best answer.

    No problem on the thumbs up, good question, keep up the good work.

    The age of a question is irrelevant . If I have the knowledge Ill answer it . If i have something constructive to say Ill jump in . I use spell check , and do my best to respond with a readable,concise,to the point response. Some people really need a kind word and just some sound advise. I worry sometimes about what I say ,so mostly I temper my words and remain silent if no good will come from what I say .                     Bill 


    Hi bluesman195, I would say we are on the same level. I too try to remain silent if I don't have anything nice to say, but darn it, sometimes I just have to speak up. Thanks for the response and TU. I can tell you check your spelling! r/yvonne57

    @bluesman and Yvonne...You both remain silent at times? Wow..I've never been known to do that...ever! So that's what gets me in trouble?! I'll have to try that. lol

    Well, this answered the first part of the question and as tu(hint) the sekund part ov the kwesstyun, of korss, why knot.


    numbre # 459.098 + cal.547/ast

    west-bus...I'm vari jellus of yore spel chiker...luks like it werks gud!
    I would say I do the same as Leeroy does. I will "travel" up and down looking for questions and answers that grabs my eyes.I don't care how old they are. If I believe it needs another answer whether is to make a joke or in a serious note, I won't hesitate to do it. So the answer for your question is yes I do answer all question and no I don;t used the spell checker .....can you tell?

    Actually your spelling is pretty good and so is your answer. Thanks.

    Thank you Yvonne57, I appreciate that comment.

    I'll answer any question I think I can and I have spell check. I depend on it, too........


    I depend on spell check too jhharlan. If there is an old question that hasn't been answered with an answer I would give I answer it. If there are already a lot of answers I won't answer it especially if I'm just repeating what someone has already said. r/yvonne57

    Yvonne good question I will answer old and new as long as I know I have a bit of a answer no I dont use spell checker I wish I could but it means coming out of this site and then waiting to go back again and by then I have forgotton the word and how to spell it if anyone out there can help that would be great .................or why cant we have spell checker on this site that would be realy good Yvonne please ask them thanks x


    Good question. I will be happy to ask them about the spell checker. I can right click and get spell checker for my comments and answers. It's such a big help. regards/yvonne57

    Yvonne I wish that could happen to me xxx


    bulletman I tried left click and a arrow came up (blue) which means going on to another search engine Re: the word any more ideas please! thanks for helping oxoxoxo

    I answer if I think I can help or have an opinion, doesn't matter how old the question if I have the time to go through them I do, I always use the spell check (since Colleen told me how) the spelling  is often different to the way we here in Aus spell


    Shank don't worry about the spell checker spelling American as most members are American, go with the flow.

    Thanks bulletman, I did start to get a bit conscious of it there for awhile

    Mostly new; occasionally old too - it's not easy to get to the good old ones because in spite of your moderator colegue opinion (forgive me coleen :)), my opinion is that there are way too many unanswered Qs that are jamming the akaQA traffic. The irony is that great majority of these Qs required an immediate answer and their requestors are like comets...

    I use spell checker if only I type my answer in Word 1st; spell checker can get you in big trouble occasinally.


    valR, thanks for answering my question. It's a good idea to type in WORD first, I've lost some responses I've written and wish I would have written it in WORD. Spell checker certainly can get you in trouble especially if you don't proof it too! r/yvonne57

    Would you comment on 1st part of my Q too?

    AT the top of the page under akaQA are unread  notifications, mine reads 4695 that is a lot of questions. Some nights when the questions are a little lame i like to go back and answer some of these questions. As far as the spell checker goes i use it all the time, or most of the time, the answer or question is more inviting if the spelling is correct even thou it is an American spell checker.


    Kent, 4695 is the number of unread notifications from akaqa to you showing who voted up or down your Qs and As, who unswered your Qs and commented yor As. Your numbers of Qs and As are shown in the right top corner of the screen under the "Edit my profile". You answerd 1,348 Qs - still an impressive number :)

    If I know or think I know I'll answer spell checker have not got one


    Bummer on the no spell checker dunc. Not even if you right click your mouse? I don't know what I'd do without it. Thanks for answering. r/yvonne57

    i sometimes answer questions that are 3 months old.

    i have tried to get to the end of the unanswered questions list, but there are so many i cant get past the three month old questions lol

    I answer both. I use spell check all the time and I still screw up. I'm the worst speller I know (lol) but I am improving. (*~*)

    Well, I would say that I don't answer really old ones, but this question is 7 months old and here I am!  As far as spell checker, I am my own spell checkin' machine.  Besides, I don't see anywhere on the site, or left click or right click that shows any way to spell check. And as you might have noticed, I sometimes answer a question with sincerity and at other times not.  I'll help if I'm able and the person is requesting such, but if someone appears to be just acting silly or is being an arrogant jerk, I'll be silly or an arrogant  jerk, right back atcha!!  My comments are never meant to comments are USUALLY not meant to offend, except in the "arrogant jerk example".  (Maybe this is too much information Yvonne57 but I DO like the sound of my own voice...uh....typing fingers.)


    Ducka - I am like you with the help of a dictionary though as I do not have a spell checker on this. Like your answer.

    I like the sound of your voice too Ducka, thanks for the response. r/yvonne57

    If I spell a misspell a word red dots appear under the word and then I can try and fix the error.

    I answer the first question I come to that I have some answer for.


    My TU doesn’t seem to be working today.

    Spill chacker nit wirking.never check the dates.


    Your spell checker appears to me, to be working. I see nothing wrong.

    Oh Boy! You really are dyslexic! LOL

    I'll answer an old question. I do use spell check even though my spelling has always been pretty good.

    I answer what ever question I can, does not matter how long it has appeared. Yes, I use spell checker (often) lol

    Hi Yvonne57. This is the first time I have seen this question. It came up on the right side of my screen, with several other "answered" questions that might interest me.   
    To answer your first question: I do not go looking for old questions, nor do I go looking into specific profiles to find questions or answers from that member in order to add to the karma points for that person.  Recently I answered another question from several months ago that turned up as yours did, and was asked to NOT answer old questions.  
    Do I use spell check?  I guess I do, because if I misspell a word, it gets underlined in red. I'll go back and try to spell it correctly; usually I get it right the 2nd or 3rd time.  I'm so OCD about spelling, if don't get it right, I'll get the dictionary or note in my answer that I'm not sure of the spelling.


    Hi Bob, I can understand not answering an old question that asks for directions or something like that, but I sometimes answer older questions if they interest me, plus it puts them back on the site for another go-round. Thanks for answering me, TU.

    It's fun to see the older questions come up and have a chance to offer my two cents, even if the member who asked is someone I've never come across in my tenure. I like seeing the interesting ones recycle, too. :D

    Perhaps there should be some clarification of this issue, or at least some consensus. (Oh no...that could be difficult with this group...kidding lol)

    The answer is yes yes and yes I try to. Not all but I do try I always start with the unanswered ones first.

    OOps, double answer...

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