No such thing as the 'perfect crime'???


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    Good movie

    Why even bother? 

    Take it to the grave.....

    'OH! Before I go,   Just one more thing!!'    This guy knows there is no such thing as a 'perfect crime'.  He figures all of em out!



    He sure sorted out David Cassidy Dad,on that magisions lark,

    obama got away with it.


    There is forencic evidence at every crime scene which they collect. However they cant always match it up with the perpetrator, especially if they never comitted a crime before. Theire DNA is not in the Data Bank.

    A lot of perps think they've committed the perfect crime, until "someone" figures out what happened and puts it altogether. They think that they have "all bases covered."Amazingly, it's sometimes the most obvious clue that was left behind. As an aside, I testified in Federal Court that someone in the government had forged my signature. The government called in a handwriting expert who testified that the signature in question matched those of my known signatures, how I "dot my i's, cross my t" and he chirped about how he testified for the NYPD, he has this degree and that degree. He put all of his findings in a report and testified to them. My lawyer destroyed him with the following: "You didn't rule out a tracing, correct? You neither testified to that, nor put it in your report." You could've heard a pin drop. The judge was brain-dead, and I lost. This was the "perfect crime" courtesy of the U.S. Government!

    A perfect crime is so ingeniously contrived and carefully executed that it cannot be detected or solved.

    If it is so perfect that God doesn't notice, then it either never happened or God did it.


    If this is true that 'it can not be detected' then there is no crime. Therefore, the whole conversation is a moot point. One must know there had been a crime, therefore, it is not perfect.

    The perfect crime is an oxymoron.
    Ask OJ Simpson that question....except for the abundance of evidence that makes most people believe he actually did it..I bet in his mind he considers it darn close...of course, you'd have to speak to him in prison right now about that. I imagine his ego is having a hard time doing time....geez, Too bad OJ (:
    If it's the perfect crime no one would know it is, would they?

    Exactly my point@!
    The ones who said it probably don't want to admit to the unsolved cases sitting on their desk for years.
    Who said that ?

    I've heard this since i was a child living in the prehistoric days.. 'There's no such thing as a perfect crime.." I just don't understand how they would know this??

    well, they can never know then if it is 'perfect'

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