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    How do you turn on the Do Not Track option. I was told to go to Tools->options-etc , but my firefox 4.0.1 does not have an optios choice under Tools tab.

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    Are you referring to Private Browsing? It is under the tools tab.
    under tools its called select private browsing choose that .If you use google as a search engine your history is stored there as well and even if you clear history it will be stored on Google as well simply clearing history does not remove all of your history. If you are running 4.0 on linux there is a 10.10 available also 11.04 which currently has a few problems.Stay with the 10.10 Go to system select administration move to right and find update manager when screen shows up find UPGRADE click on it. This will install all up grades and bring system up to date .This will take several hours and require you to follow some promts if you are not comfortable with this have some help . You may have to go to systems and admistrative twice before the UPGRADE screen comes up .Click on UPGRADE and follow promts,expect at least 3 hours to complete will install all upgrades and remove broken files and replace others .There are changes in screen appearance but the are subtle and you will notice a few new options over all no big deal hardly noticeable .Good luck with this .

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