What were your first thoughts when you heard Osama Bin Laden was dead?

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    country bumpkin

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    From my homepage on Facebook. It didn't say who the author is.

    "Now I lay me down to less terrorist this world does keep...with all my heart I give my those in uniform regardless of serve our country and serve it well...with humble hearts your stories as I rest my weary eyes...while freedom rings our flag still give your all, do what you must...with God we live and in God we trust."

    If I hit that thumbs up twice please let me know, & the best way to put it right.

    You're good suliz. I show one TU from you ; ) Thanks.
    "About time"

    10 1/2 years. Success American style!
    Ditto to JDB's reply.Could be scary!
    Who or what will take his place :(

    The next one we get to kill :)

    I hope so and I hope it dosen't take as long,

    I felt as if the operation was staged and when the body went into the water it was a fake.

    The entire production had a very surreal effect.

    I am still not sure what to think about the old man sitting in the small room being filmed doing nothing at all.  Nothing, just sitting with all the commotion going on around him.  Sit, sit, sit and still more sitting. ... I need to see the movie again.

    obama lost a realitive..... no just kidding sort dibeleif..cause at first after 10 years we all thought he'd never be caught at least in this life

    I reckon he now knows where hell is..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It was a pity they did not capture him alive,,

    This may sound strange but my first though was is he going to be surprised when he finds out he has to bow down to God and be judged.

    so it was a bunch of b.s. about the 72 virgins
    Headless Man

    I would bet my life on that......

    Daren posted it first, my first thoughts was 'REALLY??' No way!! The guy is a flipping mountain goat. Our cable news media got things all screwed up as usual though, one said he got bombed, another said it was a missile attack then it was a sniper from the next town, then it was a special forces. They said it happened last week and DNA reports state that we have the REAL Osama.. then Obama said he gave the executive order today to take him out.. What a flipping mess..


    TA! TA! Bring on the conspiracy therioists?

    It's about  time. Still can't get this smirk of my face.


    Supposedly he died in 1995 from kidney disease. Isn't it strange that we now get the "real story" and find out our military rubbed him out, when Obama's reelection is not to far away?
    I was excited, but thought that they might have killed the wrong guy, it was denial, just because he's been so illusive for the last ten years.

    I am now very satisfied that he is gone, the strange thing is we all thought he was living in caves, but instead he was living the high life in a million dollar compound.
    USA USA!!!!! God bless our service men.
    I can't help thinking of the Greek legend of the Hydra. You cut off one head and more grow in its place. The value in terms of morale are great, but watch out for reprisals.

    The US is on alert for retaliation. I can only hope the new serpents are lesser serpents and more easily hunted and taken out.
    This has some initial reactions.
    OBL was living in a town 60 miles from Islamabad with many Pakistani military living there. It is significant that the US did not inform the Pakistan government until after the event.
    Remember last year's Pakistan/ England cricket match?

    That's what makes me mad about this whole mess. Pakistan is supposed to be our ally in fighting these terrorists and we give them billions of dollars of aid per year. And then the government finds out that Pakistan has been harboring Bin Laden 4 years, and of course they will deny any involvement, and have their hands out 4 more $$. To big to fail again!

    Well I didn`t know until this informative forum advised me. What do I think? I think it could not have happened to a better bloke. Whether it was U.S. military or Aussie S.A.S or whoever "WELL DONE!"

    good riddance

    Lmao TEN YEARS!!!!!
    Just to look for a tiny muslim guy in one country :S
    TEN YEARS. makes me wonder how smart that guy is to escape for ten years without a sight from american troops (the top country in the world) who wander the streets of afghanistan 24/7. he's a legend in a bad way sort of.

    He had a lot of support and plenty of places to hide. He was not wandering the streets, he was underground and living in caves like the animal he was. He was found hiding in Pakistan where he has/had support and sympathizers.

    Officials say U.S. authorities have recovered bin Laden's body, ending the largest manhunt in history involving thousands of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and tens of thousands of Pakistani soldiers in the rugged mountains along the border.

    I think that's enough soldiers to find millions of rats hiding in holes. :S

    add a billion when it's TEN years :S

    Maybe because he looks just like all the rest of the muslim terrorists in the area, great camouflage-- when you're a tree, hide amongst the trees. Or in this case, when you're a mountain goat, hide with the mountain goats.

    I'm going to vote to have dh put in charge of our military. We need someone like him who can find these rats faster and easier. I be he's really good at finding Waldo too! I always had trouble finding that little dude. :)

    hehe. lmao colleen. I'm just wondering about the ten years :S
    I used to love sneaking in the library during lunchtime to find that little guy in the books. such a beautiful waste of time :)
    hes dead???

    Yes, it's confirmed by DNA testing.

    confirmed by a bullet hole in his head.
    Did someone say Obama was dead??????

    I did earlier but it was either a Freudian Slip or a typo ; )

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