Collectively the U.N. will condemn Syria's use of chemical weapons. Then what?

    war, diplomacy, strike, seek co-op from Russia and china.

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    They will sit back and watch what the USA does as usual, I'm thankful that the UK voted against military involvement but we are a bit worried about the Russians and Chinese getting involved in this crap, we are a lot closer to the trouble here.

    bamba zonkie

    I think they should show the U.N. Indisputable proof that the without doubt these heinous weapons were used by Assad and his killers, then throw the ball into the Russian camp demand answers from them After all they condemned the use of these weapons but said Assad never used them they asked for the proof.NOW LETS PROVE IT TO THEM, (Obama said he has proof)

    The Russians are cracking, they are a stubborn country, time will tell, I don't think it'll be too long.

    They still have to prove who used them. According to eye witnesses it was Al-Qaeda affiliates using kids to move the weapons to tunnels under the city. One of the weapons went off because the kids were not trained properly to handle them. But the UN has yet to investigate this claim. They are still gathering evidence. No real proof as of yet as to who released the gas or if there was ever gas released. So far NATO can not find any evidence of gas. The UN can not make a move until they know for sure. How many ways can this be discussed with no real proof? Obama has finally backed down and will now leave it to a vote by congress. The majority of Americans say no to the US getting involved. 

    bamba zonkie

    Agreed but sadly somtimes there is as they say (Manny a slip twixed cup and lip)Fingers crossed I hope you are right goes Russia so goes Syria

    ....Syria's tyrant needs to be held accountable 

    ....obviously, Russia will want to know what is in it for them

    Any country that would let children play with that should expose themselves in retaliation. 

    Then, 3 years later, they will use them again, and a US president not in cahoots with Russia will send 59 missles to destroy the place where intelligence reports the chemicals came. If the powers that had been had substantially confirmed the chemicals were gone three years ago, we'd be on a different page.

    Thanks for f*g over the Syrians, who don't want to be uprooted refugees, Mr. Wonderful, Perfect Obama. 

    the UN is a tiger without teeth or claws,a pretty useless tiger..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    The job of the U.N. is to veto anything the U.S. wants to do .


    The United Nations is what the U.N. actually embodies. Every country that is involved as a collective.
    Sometimes countries listen to the collective and sometimes they do not.

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