Would you stop for a hitchhiker...?

    I was driving through the shrupburbs recently and saw a young dude hitchhiking , he looked innocent enough but you never know , what would you have done ??

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    I do not pick up hitchhikers.....ever! That could be because I watch too many crime documentaries and many criminals are good looking and charming. Looks tell me nothing. I want to know if they have a gun or a knife.

    I don't stop.  I am a woman and not a scary one.  Hitchhiking is not illegal but picking up a hitchhiker is, in my province. 


    ....Fishy, where are U ?

    ....U and your attempts at humor R missed !

    Hi Ben;

    Busy working. Things are taking off. I am firing my kiln twice a week, which is full capacity for one person.

    I will pop in once in a while and say hi to you... I have really enjoyed our conversations and laughs.

    I wouldn't have hung out here for so long if it hadn't have been for you. You are a gem.

    xo Your fishy friend.

    U R Yippy !

    I only pick-up hitch-hikers when I’m driving a stolen car. Then I ask them to drive while I sleep on the back seat.  


    hahahahah ;-D

    I have done in the past, but I think I would think twice before stopping nowadays, we have alot of illegal imigrants here now and alot of them will rob you. So I don't think I would pick just anyone up , depends on how honest and decent they look I suppose .

    Uh, I have and would if I were driving. I remember hitchhiking myself and it gets frustrating. I trust my sixth sense........(now days is different......)


    I am glad you are not driving....wouldn't want to see you get hurt or worse !

    You are so very wonderful, @Benthere. I'd like your email address if we can talk a mod into sharing.............

    Not a chance. Can't even stop to offer assistance to someone that has broken down on the side of the road these days. You could be walking into a set-up. Too many creeps out there.

    H- - -    no ! ......I wouldnt pick up a hitchhiker ! First of all , I'm a woman alone. And secondly, if I was a man, I wouldn't pick one up. No man should ever pick up a hitch hiker. There's too much crime out there already ! You don't know what you're getting. And socio paths can be quite charming.  I don't even see hitch hikers anymore. It's a thing of the past. We used to see a lot of them on the express way. A  lot of them were college kids. But, now every college kid and every 16 year old has their own car.

    Many years ago, my cousin and I were driving back to Fresno from Kelso WA.  Somewhere in Oregon, two young men had out their thumbs and we let them get into the back of the pickup. Drove them all the way to San Francisco area, and it took two days. There was nothing inappropriate, and it was a hoot. 

    That was the only time I picked up hitchhikers 

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