I need a medical answer, blood test report high testosterone levels, but low bio-availability, sex drive is there, but suffer ED and abnormal beard and hair growth. Doctors brush me off and hair problem is troublesome, as is ED. ( more)

    Hair problem started as two spots on my chin that wouldn't heal and doctor wouldn't operate on neck disc with any infections 5-6 years ago. Two visits to skin docs were a joke one giving me antibiotics and wrapping me up like a mummy with gauze.  Fine hair swirls around my face creating lines, into my eyes causing stye like white pimples, behind my ears into my ear canal, into nostrils and under scalp.  I have shaved my eyebrows from ingrown hair, my mustache, cut my hair to as short as I could. Solid lumps of hair have formed near my right ear, under the scalp and have pulled them out to have them return.  I have had six ops on neck for chronic disc disease, am 63, have Hep c and ADD and am sick of going to doctors to tell me to stop touching these areas, but nothing works, not shaving, debilitories, and am having some success lessening the problem tearing areas in my scalp that the hair migrates to. To say the least it is disfiguring and requires hours of tweezing, and literally pulling hair out.  It is thick, not a speck of gray, although some spots yield white hairs in beard.  I have searched the internet for ideas and have come up with little helpful info and less from doctors who should be able to track down the cause of it.  Been accused of using street drugs (NO) and mostly told not to touch it, which is ridiculous as it is causing pain and double eyebrows, infected follicles in nasal cavity, and tufts of hair that grow into the rim of my ear and into that canal.  I suspect my liver function which is relatively normal with slightly elevated enzyme levels, possibly adderal used for ADD, hormonal changes from aging.  I have always had one or two long white fine hairs appear on the side of my nose, and as I shaved in the shower, they would escape the blade and could only be seen in the right light.  The start was ingrown hair from my chin but something has caused it to go anyway it encounters the least resistance.  My father had similar problems due to ingrown hairs causing boil-like cists, and wonder if I inherited this tendency, but as he pass away at 51, no one remembers it being quite as irritating and intractable as my problem.  Any body else know or have experienced this type of problem?  any help would be appreciated.  Wolfman

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    Have you ever had your thyroid checked?

    Yes, I should hope so at a respected endocrinologist. It through up his hands and tossed me some Viagra, which is also strangely ineffective, giving me a headache. Hope to hang around, I am so full of questions, not about just this, but curiousity is my middle name. I also am a jack of all trades and a know it all and love to show off my writing prowess, that, with a 5 dollar bill may get you a regular cup of Star$ too expensive coffee. Thanx for your strokes and folks and don't be too hard on some of the questioners, like they used to say "there are no stupid questions" and some body would always add "just stupid people". Judging on the responses I got, all good and caring, I haven't run into any yet. Happy Trails, Woofer

    There are two types of thyroid tests. One is more in depth than the other. Talk to your doctor and have him do the other test.

    Will do, thanx again Colleen

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    You might try . You are more likely to get an answer from a specifically medical website.

    Wolfman....we cannot help you here as we are not medical advisers.  I would suggest you try a dermatologist if you have not already seen one.  Sorry but I cannot be of any help.


    One needn't be a medical specialist if he is experiencing similar symptoms with the details I provided and as I stated the doctors are clueless, so this is in response to the doctors lack of diagnosis or even a guess as to cause. The list includes MDs Endrinocolgists, Dermatologist, NeuroSurgeons, Witch Doctors and Voodoo Priests. thanx for responding, very kind of you.

    Understood. I realize that you are in a difficult situation and searching.

    wolfman, it may be an autoimmune disorder .Did you say you have seen an endocrinologist? Try going to the Mayo Clinic, or the Cleveland Clinic.

    ENDOCRYNOLOGIST referal sounds more apt??????

    You have covered just about every part of your anatomy.  You discussed organs I never knew I had.  You must be the only person who's in tune with every part of his body.  The description of your medical issues sound like something out of the TV series "Medical Mysteries".

    Best of luck to you, woofer.


    yeah, i've watched that show. It is well put together. You're right, Woofer's story would be a good episode for the show......after he gets it diagnosed and treated.

    I have contemplated writing Dr Oz or The Doctors, but the freak factor and having my medical history on TV is a big turnoff. I may just drop a line to see what comes up, having no brows and no hair is almost fashionable these days and my final attempt will be to completely shave my head to eliminate the lump of hair and to be assured that it originates at my chin. My original question was merely going to be the testosterone as the paradox of having far too high testosterone would account for the hair growth, but am told very little is available for use which may be a function of the liver. If someone can explain that, a good investigator would find that cause and address the core issues. Which is what the Drs. job is and they are failing me miserably.
    Maybe its just bad karma or Full MOon fever and I will be hunted down by once friendly neighbors with torches, stakes, steaks, wolftraps and ostracized and examined like King kong. It if wasn't so bizzarre it could be funny, Thanx and a little mystery is an addition and I may go to medical school as so many of the mds are, in a word, zeros.

    Have you addressed the problem from a nutritional angle at all, Woofer?

    This link mentions healthy diet as a way to reduce testosterone. Wish

    we could be of more help but keep up the search for a solution and 

    good luck!  :)


    yes Dar, I even went so far as to go to Bastyr University, where they spent a good 4 hrs interviewing me, suggesting herbs, vits, minerals for the Hep C, but this was prior to the onset of this problem. The two spots on my chin, still evident after five years of plucking hair I theorized were ingrown hair that migrated up both sides of my head, into the recesses of the back of my ear filling every available void, forming a large lump of hair on the back of my head near my rt. ear. It than radiated foreward with the growth of my hair in striplike fashion, forming an additional eyebrow above my eyebrows with obvious spots where larger hair dove ingrown.
    At that point, as it was a long process, it came to my attention dramatically in a large stye-like bump on my lower eyelid, which I managed to pull out. I also notice age lines that were lateral to my forehead and became aware that they too were fine hair causing the phenomenon. So to try to keep this from becoming a novel, I could pull on them and trace there path around my head and face and back to the original ingrown hairs. Bizarre, huh? This could have been years in the making, or started at that time, as I would get an occasional blonde hair and either people would point it out or with close inspection I could see it. They grew outward under my eye near the bridge of my nose One time,which was kinda funny, a girl I worked with walked up to me and grab it and plucked it out as she said it bugged her. No more than two hairs would act this way and I shaved in the shower with the foggy mirror, I never looked for such things. Incidentally, I have always had a light beard, unable to grow side burns, but a fairly robust mustache and Goatee, altho it wasn't my style. I also wondered, given the way I shaved and combed my hair (against the growth backwards) that one should shave with the grain of the beard, according to dermatologists. Trouble is it does a lousy job and doesn't cut the stubble. Grasping for any explanation, it seemed reasonable to conclude that my against grain shaving habits could have caused it (ingrown hair) The scariest thing that has occurred is I believe the hair is migrating into my eye sockets, as I awoke one night and couldn't see, as opening my eyelids was too painful. (similar to arc flash burns from welding) It subsided, but it did give me pause. I have now all but shaved my head, using a Wahl grooming kit and giving me a Marine buzzccut, leaving the actual shaving of my head as the Last Resort. I have managed to literally rip the hair out of the areas that were lumpy and sore, as soon as I shave, hair is almost immediately back, coming from my scalp, I suppose, it couldn't grow that fast. This has been getting steadily worse since that operation over 5 years ago. It is an affliction that I have tried everything I could think of, witch hazel, alcohol, even products that claim to be ok for the face from Nair, Waxing, Duct Tape, electric razors of all sizes, I puzzled the endricrinologist, 2 Dermatologists, several MDS, even a shrink who thought it OCD. The bottom line was none of the above took a definitive exam of hands on, even when I provided pictures and explanaations and pleading with them to take this seriously and do NOT write this off as drug use or OCD among two misdiagnoses. I finally gave up and went to my own devices, some which have been effective. I have been a nutritional buff for many years, taking vites, juicing with a giant veggie/health juicer and eating a balanced diet. It was all there was to offer for the Hep C problem, which is less problematic than this at this point. Anyway, I apologize for the length of this response, but it is good therapy to at least have someone to believe this is truly happening and to be able to put down the frustration I feel and realize I have nearly become reclusive as my appearance no brows etc has made a once fairly handsome man into one that wears sunglasses, hats to hide the damage it has done to my confidence and appearance. Thanks for responding and lending an ear (eye) to this. I have even thought maybe I should write Dr Oz or The Doctors for advice as nowhere can I find anything remotely similar. If this last gasp doesn't bear fruit, I am off for another round of doctors who never saw it in a book, so therefore it does not occur. That is the attitude I have been delivered. Thanks for the goodluck and caring enough to throw in on this unreal raw deal. Sincerely woofer49
    Dardaigh is absolutely heart-breaking to read all you have suffered and yet you still have hope!
    You're an intelligent,eloquent, educated man, with a wonderful command of English and it was easy to read all you have explained here.
    Yes, yes, yes...DO contact Dr. Oz. That's a fantastic idea because it will give you the widest exposure to a solution, whether it be from his team of specialists, others they can put you in contact with or even viewers who may have a similar phenomenon happening to them.
    Sending all good thoughts to you and hoping that you find some relief very, very soon because no-one should have to suffer this way.

    I would also say that contacting Dr. Oz would be a good idea. From what I've seen, he and his staff try to help some rare conditions, and therefore, do a lot of research and also confer with other medical experts. It's certainly worth a shot. I just imagine, though, that it takes a long time to make contact with him.

    Very true, Ducky.

    You said in another post you were reluctant to go the Doctor Oz route, Woofer but you are NOT a freak show.

    I have no idea how old you are but isn't it worth it, to find a solution, so you can live the rest of your life in peace and tranquility?

    There is a similar disorder among some women (hirsutism) and the causes point to hormone imbalances. Please, even just for curiousitys' sake, check out this link and perhaps contact this homeopath>>>


    I believe it is a hormone imbalance, it was stated as such, just not what if anything could be done. This isn't just about hair problems, but ED who has been a monkey on my back and kicked in about the same time. I will check out your homeopath, I have little experience with that field and the theory is a little suspect in my mind. Plus, I have never even heard of any successes in the field, which means nothing if I have not investigated it. A closed mind leaves me static, I am open to any and all straws, even if it is the buzzcut at the local barbers and a shave and a wax. I think even that would prove a temporary fix at best. Like my girlfriend told me "you are the only man who I have seen who gives themselves a receding hairline on purpose" Cheers and thanx lindilou.

    Peace man...hope it leads somewhere good for you. :)

    I checked it out, and as it deals with Indian (East)female with beards and ultra hairiness all over due to hormonal dysfunctions,usually too much male hormone in their systems. That is my problem, too much testosterone,so it fits and the number of causes staggering, not to mention scary, tumors and cancers, so it is difficult to say with any degree of accuracy. I am going to look into homeopathic products which are such minute amounts, I can't see what it could hurt. We have a leading University in Seattle in Alternative cures, and I have been there before called Bastyr University, which you may have seen in some of the books written on herbal,chinese,ayurvedic, etc, but not for this ailment. Will update what I find

    Good things woofer49...I am wishing you and your family the best!! Stay in touch! Peace.(from Vancouver Island!)

    What you've got could be a side affect of your meds. Are you taking meds for AIDS ?  What did your father die of ? The hair adn other problems could be related to the Hep C


    Do not have Aids, am taking no meds for Hep C, but am taking adderal for ADD which has helped immensely. Father took his own life, so cannot relate anything other than his alcoholism, and associated high blood pressure, along with things obvious or mentioned. Have quit adderall for periods, but problem still existed. thanx for your help, but I have done dermatology, endocrinologists, neurosurgeons to see if a nerve was nicked etc. Hep C is stable and where it does cause some lack of energy and lethargy has stayed relatively dormant and blood workups basically the same with each test,since inception. Have had biopsies and went through a interferon therapy, but was unsuccessful. It is a conundrum, but an tough one. Again thanx for responding.

    Thanx to all the respondents, you are all very caring and helpful people as we know Americans are by nature and culture. I will try to get back my progress or lack thereof, and what I found out in case someone else sees himself  with similar symptoms.  I included what I thought relevant to answer questions w/o itemizing every little ailment that has befallen me, and my understanding of the endocrine and the disease of Hep C, liver functions, health conditions that respond to naturopathic and homespun cures.  Before the 20th century, Doctors used to kill more of their patients with bizarre ideas and compounds of everything imaginable.  The one that was believed to cure people that confounds me is the bleeding of individuals and the concept of humours, biles and several other classifications, indicating causal effects.  The fact that discoveries of bacteria, and sterilization of medical instruments is relatively new in the scheme of things, and still we have the common cold.  I may have offended in my puzzlement of the actions of some doctors, but having survived many childhood diseases, scarlet fever, many outbreaks of dread diseases that I didn't get because of a healthcare system that paid attention and followed up.  It baffles me how doctors ever realize how they did with treatments, as they don't bother to ask or send a followup questionnaires, to track how well there methodology worked or didn't.  An MD could, on any given day, write a prescription for something that a person was allergic to, and never hear from them again.  I would find sleep at night difficult under the second guessing of ones abilities to diagnose and do no harm.

      Having said that, finding a GOOD doctor that spends the needed time, does a proper history, asks questions and gives you time to answer and actually listens to what you say, an exception rather than the rule.  I found and lost doctors like that maybe 5 times in a 63 yr life, a little like finding the right mate to marry.  If time is the problem, stop taking patients long enough to make time. Stay current with recent innovative treatments and medicines and keep an open mind to treatments that stand the test of time outside of medical mainstream.  And lastly, don't treat us as lab rats, look us in the eye, and speak in layman's terms what the problem could be.  As you take leave, ask us if we have any questions, understand the instructions and need any further assistance or info that an aide could supply.  People will respect you, follow your advice more closely, not feel like they have been rushed through a car wash, and than fleeced.  I take questions written out and get their attention, and if I don't get what I feel is reasonable care, I take it upstairs, if possible.  They are human too, given to stress, little sleep and there awareness of just another face, body and complaint awaits them in each little room.  And with no real gauge as to how well they are doing, unless the person dies in the office, and that, my friends is not good for business.  God Bless you all and I wish you a long and happy life with a peaceful death as you sleep, requiring just one doctor who signs your check out papers.

    Regards, woofer49


    Good to hear from you again, Woofer. Keep up the good fight.

    The forum is made up of members from all over the world.

    American, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, English, Australian, French, German, Vietnamese and possibly some I have missed and yes...this wonderful group of people are a very caring bunch. :D

    Sorry about my egocentric "Americans" as I know from experience it is an excellent way to get a feel for the country you are going to travel to and particularly with the Olympics going on, but am distracted by solving this. I apologize to all who gave it shot from Planet Earth, unless we have some extraterrestrials online. Thanx for the encouragemnt Dardaign, jolly good form, Luv, Merci, or Gracias, or ......;>)


    Ha ha problem, Woofer! :)

    It's very heartening to hear you are still in good form, despite your on-going search.

    Please do drop into the forum as often as you like or as time permits, as it's a pleasure to speak with you and read what you share with us, as you do indeed possess writing prowess.

    Luv back to you, Mr. Woofer. :)

    Ask your  Dr,   to refer  you to a specialist , if you have not already done so.

    The problem with that is the specialist is usually a dermatologist, who have yet to  fix any skin problem I have visited them for and misdiagnosed others.  Skin problems are indeed notoriously difficult to read as they occur and look different at different stages and can be caused by so many things including allergies, toxic exposures, bites, autoimmune disorders, environment, lack of mineerals and vitamins and tons more. I am beginning to think it is hormonal in nature and a endricrinolist is my best choice due to high testoterone, but I have seen one and he couldn't come up with anything definitive.  Thanx for the suggestion, been there, done that, not to say I won't do the same again different doc.


    Try changing your diet. There are many suppliments that can help you re-health. Organic food makes a huge difference.... Grow your own veggies. It does not take a lot of space.
    I am a walking-talking allergy zone. I have learned that I and I alone am responsible for my health. Allergies lead to hot running organs and it is down hill from there if you don't pay attention to what you really need for optimum health, or at least as close as you can get.

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