my boy friend is a sex offender and we are getting married but i have a 12 old daughter can i do that

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    i think one should see first what was it that he was in trouble first then judge , cause i no someone that has a sex offender record just for making a pass to a 17 yr old and now has a record

    Even still Mirta, the law states they can not be around children. Following the law is not judging, it is the law. Period. Your friend should not have made a pass at a 17 year old. He was probably too old to be making a pass at a young person who was not even 18 yet. Apparently, the judge agreed, too old to be making a pass at a minor.

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    You're going to lose your daughter in favor of your sex offender boyfriend. Even if he's done his time prison wise, he's still not allowed around children. Are you seriously going to give up your child for him? If you are, then I have no empathy for you. It all belongs to the daughter you would abandon for a sex offender.  What's wrong with you? 


    hear hear.he will never change.

    I agree--totally--having been there and having done the right thing. Your first duty is to your child. Marriage doesn't change a sex offender.

    Are you not concerned for the safety of your daughter ?This is going to be the man that she will regard as her step father ? What sort of mother would put their daughter in jeapordy.If you want to be involved with a creep like him, that is your choice, but please , spare your child from this predator.

    Why would you want to? regardless of the feelings you think you have there would always be suspicion and doubt when he is around your daughter, regardless of the law, I wouldn't put my daughter in danger, the risk is foreseeable and you are not only being a fool but a careless selfish one

    You are nuts if you do, what does he offer that is worth more than your child? CPS took my child because I associated with someone like him, don't make that mistake..............


    jh, is your son grown now ? Do you know where he is ?

    He's of age now. No, I don't know where he is, don't even know his name now.....

    "my boy friend is a sex offender" How do you know this ? Convicted ?  ? Omitted ? If you know then you can't marry for the sake of your daughter.....

    You need to have your head examined. If he's on parole or probation you and your daughter will be under their scrutiny,hopefully.

    You are nuts!

    How COULD ANY MOTHER PUT HER "happiness" AHEAD OF HER DAUGHTERS SAFETY??? owe it 100 p/c to put your daughter first.....If you love this man so much then live seperately and NEVER LET HIM ALONE with your child if you really must see him!....not any mUM`S i KNOW WOULD PUT THEIR DAUGHTER LAST...AND IN POTENTIAL DANGER..THAT COULD DESTROY HER LIFE!! owe her SO MUCH MORE!!!

    I doubt there is a law against marrying a sex offender.  The question is whether or not your daughter and husband can live under the same roof.  Your local authorities should have that information for you.  Perhaps his parole/probation officer?  A family law agency?  
    Let's put this another way: How are you going to handle the situation when your daughter  is raped by your husband?  


    I wonder who are the brains of that family. Good money says it is the 12 year old.

    Well asked babe.

    Dont marry him. You are putting your daughter in danger. He schould not be even in your home with your daughter there. How do you know that he is not interested in you because of your daughter? What are you thinking? Move on and find someone else.

    You obviously have doubts about marrying him, so don't do it. You don't say where you are, in the UK you would not be able to marry him and keep you daughter.

    It's going to end up "All in the Family".


    Sure sounds like that to me - oh my even without her daughter who is so important here - where is she coming from??? Although to say my boyfriend is a sex offender sounds extremely nebulas and glib - what offence I wonder.

    I would think again.sounds risky.

    Do you need someone to tell you what to do? Are you giving you freedom away so you can have someone to tell you what you can and cannot do? If I say no, will you use your freedom and freewill to do it anyway, or do you need to have the threat of jail first.

    doesn`t this horrify you? that  has always been ,as a mother, one of my biggest fears. that my child could be raped. do you have no feelings, no fears? GET RID OF HIM BEFORE HE RAPES AND SODOMIZES YOUR DAUGHTER

    Initially this question is alarming however, it is lacking details.  A sex offender could be someone who had sexual relations with a minor or rape or anything in between.  Personally I would not expose my girls to any one with "Sex Offender" attached to their identity.  I find it difficult to believe that any loving and responsible mother would willingly put their child in harms way but more insane things happen every single day. 

    Weigh it out... On one hand your daughter could live in a safe environment, grow up learning her own life lessons and experiencing life without a potentially traumatic event occuring because her mother made a very stupid mistake... one of which her mother should be incarcerated for by willingly placing her child in harms way.

    On the other hand... Well, I think you see my point. 

    Children are precious.  Children are the greatest gift.  Being a Mother is an honor, so treat the greatest and most important job that you will ever have with respect... and while you are at it, respect yourself as well.  You are your daughter's biggest role model.

    I would also like to add that if I were a mother of one of your daughter's school friends I would not let my daughter hang out with your daughter for fear that my daughter may find herself in harms way.  Once the news is out that your daughter's step father is a sex offender you can bet dollars to doughnuts that not one responsible parent will permit your child to be friends with theirs.  You will be harming your daughter in more ways than one if you marry this man.

    What is your head filled with, rocks? You are not worthy to be called a mother. How do you know he's not a paedophile? You should be sterilised, so that you cannot have anymore children.


    This has got to be a trick question surely?No ones that stupid to really consider doing this .Are they?????


    some sick question!!!..IT just beggers belief!:-┬Či think social services should be involved...imho!..AND that CRB checks should be in place for any unknown male moving in with a woman with me old fashioned!!;-0

    If you have to ask about it you shouldn't do it. Your baby always come frist. If my spelling isn't jest right . For give me I am 70 and all of this is new to me. 


    Is English your first language? Your other answer is very difficult to read.

    You will do just great! Peace.

    Normalee981. Welcome to Q&A, enjoy.

    Welcome, Normalee. Your spelling isn't bad. :-)

    They say Love BLIND well in your case its stupidity you know the answer as you wouldnt have asked the question you have the doubts dont do it think of your child first


    They did a lengthy study of abuse of children (not with sex offenders) and found that step-dads were the worst and most repetitive emotional, psychological, and physical offenders-put in a sex offen der step dad and you have a recipe to ruin your daughter's life.  Please, your are a mother your first job is to do as much as you can to protect your daughter and teach her self esteem...answer the call don't marry this dude!

    any way use your head, before anything  

    Sex offences can be real bad or minor but often these people have hiden there past so be very careful find out what he did. ask to see the police report. if it was some adult he affended with it may have been minor and a one off. if it was a young person get away now keep your child safe. but remember if you marry him people will thing your just as bad as him

    are y supid y have a child how can y bring a sex offender in your home near your child what if anything happens are y going beleave your child or a sex offender needless to say what about the social workers who will chase him up y could loose your child if he does anything use your brain men like this never change.if y want a guy use a decent guy as most will say use your head.please dont do it please its not worth it. he is not worth it.

    it totally depends upon both of ur choice


    Go back and read what is going on here, please. Mom wants to marry a guy who may rape her daughter. Whose choice is that? Ok with you?

    I think your "NUTS" "SEX offenders never change.

    Punchi..and who protects the kids..airhead???:-??!

    NO IT DOESN"T!!!!Childrens' safety comes first!!!
    Deleted User

    Puchki don't marry a sex offender!!!

    Why would  you do that ! ?  Why would you even THINK about having a sex offender in the same house as your 12 yr. old daughter ? !!   It's time you put her first, instead of your own needs and wants.

    Yeh...I'm thinkin' you need to stop " thinkin" with your dink" as they say and snap out of it...wait until your child grows up and abandons you and then the world's your oyster so to speak...raising children is all about sacrifice or have you forgotten that???Get a grip!!

    I can't imagine why you are even thinking of such a thing. If you doubt the answers that you see here, make an emergency appointment with your doctor or a psychologist.   

    OMG ... I have the face of umbriel.


    Here, I just want to say that everybody has the right answer. I cannot believe the mother even asked.

    You have a duty of care for your child in this situation.

    Unconditional love is given to you by your child and you are about to leave them very vulnerable to be abused by a preditor.

    He has probably been grooming you making you feel secure in his pressence, so you feel your child is safe as well.

    I wouldn't date a animal hater or someone whm harmed animals let alone allow someone like that near my animals.

    If I was you I would be putting your child before your Vagina.

    You are the one whom will probably blame your child if this man touches her God forbid this ever happening.

    You should put your child in the care of someone safe before , she is violated.

    Your crazy, if you think this person has changed..

    I hope and pray that your daughter stays safe, I think you should put a lock on her door!!

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