What does the burning of a black candle accomplish?

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    Black absorbs negative energy. Actually they are symbolic tools that help to ease that little part of your mind that says, I am burning a black candle so I know the negative aspect of a situation will be pushed aside and banished. Usually (but not always) people will burn white candles with the black candles because white candles represent purity and protection. By burning both a black candle and a white one, that creates a balance of energies.

    There are many different kinds of black candles, black ritual candles which burn approximately two hours. These are perfect to use when you are doing a ritual or a spell. There are seven day black candles: If you allow these candles to burn continously they will burn for seven days.  There are black tea light candles that many people use inside a carved pumpkin for Halloween. There are black pillar and tapered candles that you can burn in honor of the Crone Goddess. During certain moon cycles,

    People often burn a lot of black candles during Mercury Retrograde. That is the worst time for communication problems. People will burn black candles during times of illness, emotional stress or any other sort of discomfort. 

    After learning this I have also found that all of the colours candles come in are significant.

    Thanks for the question.  It was fun researching this one.


    What about the occult...devil worship...anything you found???

    No. I am short of time and was happy enough with this. I didn't want to bring negative energy my way while I don't have any black candles available. :D
    rick screen

    A lady i a crowd said that she was burning a black candle for me. I thought it Occult related, Thank you for your input. Screen

    Rick... I think it was a good thing and very nice of her to do that for you. :)

    The paraffin is consumed?


    You'd need to buy another candle.

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