Whats behind the curtain here in the land of OZ ????? How much is akaQa worth ????

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    How can I take alexarating seriously when Alexa is wearing a transparent teddy and matching panties?

    Fishlet : You must look further that site is actually of value . It ranks a site based on traffic . The more traffic the more its worth . People build these things until the numbers are high enough then sell . Thats why if you go to alot of places you get notices that so and so just bought some site and all will change . Plenty of fish just did that ,got millions of people involved with many free things offered. Then with lots of people with big involvement time invested . They hit them up for 5.00 not a lot but they waited till the numbers were right and took a multi million dollar pay day in less than 30 days . Patience payed off for them . Thats the point I am trying to make ,nothing is really free and there is a reason for everything . No body does something for nothing . Its business and a payday is expected at some point its that simple .

    Bill- If they charge us $ down the road we may just have to create a new where we agree to never charge the members- just the advertisers. K? Half of us would have to leave anyway- I have 2 mouths to feed and even $5 is a dinner for 2....(P.S. I commented your comment on your other Q...thanks for taking the time t read that small "book" I wrote you)

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    So this is where your million dollar question came from. I still stand by my answer, I have time to give......

    I'm not sure what akaQA is worth and I don't really care.I'm just glad it is here for everyone to enjoy.


    More than one million dollars . And we make this possible with the traffic

    Thank you

    I was wondering about your other I get it.  Here's my deal.  I don't make any $ from this site- but I guess I help the owners make $.  But I also help people who gain no revenue here by answering their Q's.  I've made some fun cyber pals!  I have a great cyber family here.  and you all have helped me get through some rough times since I came!!!!!!  So, if all of this intrinsic benefit for me and others on this site help make the owners some $ Im ok with that!  (and Bill, I'm $$ broke too- but this site has been a blessing!)

    12 dollars American. That's the best i can do.

    Where did you find this information Bill?  I found this which states akaQA's value is $7,016.

    Go here...



    This one... say's that the daily revenue is $156.00, monthy revenue is $4,673.00 and the Website Values is $56,074.00.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Doo, $$$ value isn't the reason we are here, it's to be here for each other, offer opinions, try and help or have a laugh.For me it's at times saved my sanity (I think) and been my friend when I am alone, monetary value has never been an issue


    Well said




    I agree the money is not an issue here, it's socializing an exchange of ideal.

    Dude, akaQA is free , so it's not worth anything. Probably it's sponsors support it. The whole idea of akaQA is to get  you to look at the you'll buya lot of  that stuff. ........kinda like QVC


    Sorry thats not true . I understand business its the traffic thats worth money . Plenty Of Fish a Dating site just took a 6 million dollar pay day on their site .Twitter just acquired " Posterous" Delicious a search site has changed hands . YUKU has been sold . Its always about the money . Once your traffic is high enough and the site ratings are positive on Alexa then its time for a pay day, sell and cash out . Thats the way its done . Its always a long term plan ,maybe not this year,but eventually . Small investment 2 or 3 year horizon and a million dollar pay day . Simple as that .

    Why do you realy care?

    While I am curious and suspicious of who and/or what is behind the curtain here, I couldn't care less what the site is worth.  It's free for me and, most of the time, I enjoy my time here.


    Hear Hear .Well said Bob.

    dowsa, looks like we are on the same page today :D

    If it does sell i must come with the deal, it's all or nothing..

    I’m just glad to be here even though some of you seem too unhappy to stay. I look forward to reading your posts and add mine. My investment in this site is my interest in what  we have to say. The personal spats are a distraction and does not present a pleasant appearance of happy~harmony here for me or others. It may be human nature to claw each others eyes out for some folk, but the street corner brawls should be flagged so that we know where it is and can avoid it or join in depending on your taste, rather than stumbling into the midst of a cat fight naively. Thank you for your consideration.   


    Well said!

    The one their making money off of is Colleen, who said she does it for free, she must need an outlet.......


    Thank you sir . Thats not what is going on .

    Where is Colleen tonight, by the way ?

    The same outlet you apparently need headless wonder. You need to grow up and stop with the boo-boo feelings. How in the world do they make money off me? Everyone who creates an account here becomes part of the revenue. So include yourself in your insult. Put your head back on so you can think straight.

    I think HM means aka is SAVING money by not paying you for your time and service, Colleen.

    They pay no one here for their time. I'm retired. I have all kinds of time to be here. There is no demand from them for me to be here as much as Randy is and he is here every time I'm on so he needs to watch what he says when trying to toss an insult.
    Headless Man

    I wasn't insulting you Colleen, but I'm not on here over a couple hours a day and wouldn't do your job if they paid me......

    "she must need an outlet......."

    This is not a way of insulting me? To me this is on the same lines as "she must need a life".

    As far as I can tell, you sure spread your couple of hours a day around.
    I agree

    ....what price, this feeble bit of entertainment ?

    .... I certainly get my money's worth from you clowns.

    Here we are 4 years later,are we worth more now than then or visa versa..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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