Is there really such a thing as a no strings attached/"friends with benefits" relationship?

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    Absolutetly not. You cheapen the friendship and you'll never see each other in the same way. You have become mutts. You'll  f*** anyone to bust a nut.


    Thanks for this ed shank...had a guy try to cheapen my illustrious company like that so thanks for reiterating my feelings on this...never heard of it "working" for anybody...ever!

    No. Sex is an emotional thing unless it's 5 minutes in a car with a prostitute. Even as friends, there is some degree of emotion involved otherwise you would not be friends. Emotions will happen the more the two are together. Someone is bound to get hurt. 

    I know people who have tried this... someone always gets hurt.  Not a pretty sight to see.

    Sex with no strings attached are called "one nighters" other than that, it is impossible to have reoccuring sex with the same partner and not develop some kind of feelings. Even if it is not love it will be jealousy and controling feelings.

    Hope so because thats all that I am going to allow in my life . Getting attached is not in my plans now or ever . No  way no how not ever .


    But our brains dictate otherwise at least it's what I've read and perhaps experienced..attachment whether you like it or not...however I'm with you on this one..too many complications for me man!!!

    Yes there is such a thing as this.  it is time-limited. 

    No, there isn't...................

    Yes there is such a thing as this.  it is time-limited. 

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